Teal Tuesdays - Stars!

This weeks Teal Tuesday is Star Themed!
So many different star stamps, stickers, tattoos...glitters. I wasn't sure which way to go!
But then I remembered I had really been wanting to do a nautical themed mani - so that's what I did!

Now, before you say anything - I KNOW I said last week that I would use Illamasqua Viridian for Teal Tuesday - but then yesterday I got a swap package from my lovely friend Debbie and she had included one of my coveted wishlist items, Nubar Stylish Peacock. So after swatching it on my boyfriend and seeing how amazingly it applied, I simply HAD to use it.
SO thats the base, then I stamped with Konad White and Sally Hansen Rapid Red.

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  1. Oh so cute! I love nautical themes!

  2. I love the color scheme! Nice!

  3. I love the anchors! Nautical nails are so cool!

  4. sorry, I'm really behind on my blog reading this week so I've only just spotted this! Love this mani anyway, and obv love it even more cos there's a little bit of me in there :) xxxxx

    1. i feel you - every day i get online ive got 400+ blogs to read and i cant get through them!!

  5. I loooove this! You've got to tell which plates you used, because I need some anchors. :)

    @The Crumpet - I'm currently wading my way through a week's worth of blogroll posts and it's all I can do to try and keep it under 1000!


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