The Tokidoki Tutorial!

So, last weekend I posted a Tokidoki mani I did for a stamping challenge and I got a request to do a tutorial for it...
I figured hey why not...I don't think I've done a tutorial for my own blog before so here we go!
And by the way - for some reason I tend to get pic crazy on tutorials, this has like 28 pics I think. Warned ya.
And 2nd by the way - this Tokidoki is different from the one I did HERE...this one is a full on 80s styled Tokidoki design, but it's WAY more Tokidoki than the last one!

Here we go - this is our Tokidoki Mani we will be achieving today:

Colors used:
Finger Paints Blue Raspberry Taffy
Sinful Colors Firefly
Sephora by OPI It's My Pink
OPI Alpine Snow
Finger Paints Black Expressionism

On each hand paint yourself some skittles like so: 

Now here I used acrylics paints but you can use your same polishes if you prefer. This is where we do the splatter, and I find acrylic paint splatters better, I have more control over it and it dries flatter than polish does. 

I take each colors cap and pour some paint into each one. Then I take a cap full of water and a paintbrush with natural bristles that are kinda long for better splattering capabilities! 

Next I dip my brush in the water a few times until it's good and super dripping wet. 

Then I dip the wet brush into the black paint so the paint thins and is easier to flick off of the brush. 

This is what you want to achieve - I big blob of watery,drippy paint on your brush. 

SPLAT! I just flick my brush, but you can also hold it over the nail and tap the handle. Try a few ways, you'll get the hang of it. Let me also advise you to have a nice sized area covered over whatever you are doing this project on. Splatters travel far! 
Here I wanted to splatter every other nail - I'm splattering black where I will later be stamping white, and splattering white where I will later be stamping black. 

White splatter! 

Now go through and use the remaining 3 colors and splatter each nail.
You may want to tape off your fingers similar to how you would to water marble. I just never bother with doing that. Besides - a TIP: If you are using acrylic paints, they wash off with water. So clean up is very easy. More on that in a minute... 

Pretty gnarly...I know. Now below I have cleaned up around the cuticle with acetone and a brush. There is still a ton of paint left though. I added a quick dry top coat here to speed up the dry time and give me a shiny layer to work on for stamping which will be the next step. 

Now I've washed my hands and taken a nail scrub brush to them. See how much better we are looking now? 

Stamping plates I have used for this project. 
Also there you can see the brush I use to clean up my cuticles with acetone. 

For our Tokidoki Heart & Crossbones thumb we will need this cute little heart scrapbook punch. I got this for a buck at Michaels. I will be using this often, it fits my thumbs perfect.
Get some tape of your choice and rip a piece off about 2 inches in length.
You will place it in the punch like a normal piece of paper, I do mine sticky side up, and using two hands I hold down the tape as far to the bottom of the punch as I can so it doesnt stick to the top. Once it is pulled all the way toward me I punch the stamp down and pull the tape out. 

Here is our punched heart in the tape! 

(Sorry this pic is so blurry!)
Line your heart up as best you can centered on your thumb and seal it down good so there are no gaps for polish to seep under and goob up your tape mani. 

I painted over my heart with Konad special white polish. Any good opaque white will work, like OPI Alpine Snow. I just had this out to stamp with so it's what I used. Paint it on, then pull that tape up quick. 

Get out a white striper polish (or you can use a paintbrush with your white polish of choice as well) 

Paint an extra long/wide x below your heart as shown below: 

Next we need our dotting tool. I add some white polish to the credit card I use to scrape my stamping plates with and pull polish onto my dotting tool. Make two dots at the end of each line in the x. 8 dots total. Ya dig? 

Your Tokidoki now should look like this: 

Pick out whatever stamps you wanna use, and get to stamping.
As I said earlier, the nails where I used black splatter are the ones I stamped using white polish. Vice versa for the white splatter/black stamping.
I used some candies, skulls, stars and a little asian girl with hearts. 

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy tutorial!!

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  1. This looks bad ass! I wish I had the time to play around with nail art.

    1. Thanks! This was very time consuming, but totally worth it!

  2. This tutorial is absolutely AMAZING. It's so detailed! Could I by chance ask what plates you used and where you got them? I know you have a picture of them, but I can't identify them.

    1. thanks! yeah here is a breakdown of the plates:
      index candies - cheeky 10 & 6
      middle skulls - qa5
      ring japanese girl & hearts - cheeky 15 & 3
      pinky stars - bundle monster 20

      the bundle monster & cheekys i got on amazon (the bm was a single plate, the cheeky's i got in the set) and the qa5 plate i got on ebay! hope that helped Mimi!

  3. DUDE, this is freaking amazing. It's so creative! Wonderful job. :)

  4. i love the tutorial!! thanks for making it so detailed :) it make me want to try it!

  5. Oh wow!! So cool!! Great photos to follow along!

  6. I just started following your blog & i adore it! Beautiful colours!!
    follow back please?! :)
    thank you <3

  7. i love this!!! i would have hated to remove it!

    1. i did it tuesday and im still wearing it! trying to hold on to it as long as i can! =)

  8. Oh my god. This makes me want add all the plates for this to my wishlist!

  9. Oh my goodness! This is one of the best manis I've seen in a while! Love it! And thank you for doing the tutorial! Awesome job! :)

  10. LOVEEEEEE! All your tutorials are pretty amazing!

  11. I painted a picture inspired by your nails and put it up on deviantART with a link back to this page so everyone can see what beauty inspired it :)


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