Sunday, May 27, 2012

Who Doesn't Love a Layla Rainbow?

I gotta just tell you - have you ever really avoided a trend so hard, thinking you could never possibly like it, and then one day you realize you've fallen hard for that very trend?
This happened to me with holos.
I used to spend alot of my internet time on the MUA nail board and I'd always see the girls posting about holos. I dismissed them, finding them to be not my taste. But then something happened and I started obsessing about their rainbow eliteness! I had to have ALL THE HOLOS!
Of course, I don't have them holo collection is very small compared to most of yours I am certain. I have seen ladies with entire nail wheels full of only one color holo!
So anyway - this is my intro into Layla Holos. Once I started hearing of them popping up at Ulta I was pretty excited to get these much anticipated holo's in the US. I finally stomped on down to Ulta a couple weeks ago and the sweetie pie girl I know that works there pulled them out of the backroom for me and I ended up with Ocean Rush and Flash Black.
Now lemme say this...
Pro - Nothing will prepare you for how gorgeous these are when you put even the first coat on! I have never seen a rainbow this gorgeous on my nails with any other holo I own.
Con - This bottle is tiny and damned if it didn't seem like it was half empty.

I've been told and heard from many people that if you do not have an aqua base to apply these on top of, you need to apply them over a glossy top coat or a glossy base polish. I applied these to a freshly done gel manicure, so I had absolutely no application issues. These are all 2 coats with no top coat - but I did topcoat after these pics and it did not affect the holo-i-ness at all.

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Missy Molotov

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