52 Week Challenge - Ombre Nails!

I'll be the first one to jump on a new trend but I gotta say - I'm pretty certain this is the first time I've done Ombre Nails.
There is slight confusion between some people about the difference between Ombre and Gradient Manicures. Ombre means a gradation in colors within the same color family from light to dark, one of each color per nail. Gradient nails are a color gradation per nail that combine any colors in any amount.

So...these almost seem more like skittles to me than Ombre's.
I chose to go with all Color Club pinks/purples and after editing the photos they just don't seem as Ombre-like as they did in person.
C'est La Vie!
ALSO - I have a new watermark. 
Does it distract too much from the nails? Or is it good? Any input, always welcome.
My boyfriend was of little help with opinions on this!
On to the digits...

Colors Used:
Gimme a Grape Big Kiss
Raspberry Rush
Yum Gum

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  1. love your blog! The new watermark, not so much (sorry!) It does distract from the nails, and it actually activates my motion sickness because my eyes get distracted and try to follow the watermark. That's probably just me, though - I get motion sick trying to read comic books, too.

  2. I really love your nails but the watermark not so much. It's just too much all over the pic - you can't really see the nails properly.

  3. Love your nails!! So pretty! But the watermark makes me feel dizzy :/ And your pictures are too pretty to cover so much up :)

  4. oh my goodness - ladies i did not mean to make you all vomit!!
    i'm changing it - hopefully the next draft will be much better/less nauseating!
    it was hard to tell with a plain mani, thanks for the input and sorry if i caused you any health issues!

  5. those are not the ombre nails i have seen before but they are still interesting...


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