Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How did I end up with 5 colors I don't even like?

The title seems weird, yeah?
Basically this is how it all went down.
Last week I was starting to grasp the full realization that I probably have a lot of dupes in my stash.
I sort them by brand so I don't really get the big picture sometimes on my colors/shades because I just don't see them altogether. So..I decided to re-organize by color. This drives me insane because I really much preferred the look of seeing same bottles together...but for the sake of purging some of this down and getting rid of things I just won't ever use, I had to do this!
So...in my journey of reorganization, I saw tons of dupes!
I spent about 2 hours swatching just my pink, red and orange drawer last night so I could find some and I came out with FIVE shades of red-orange that looked really similar.
How did this happen? I don't even like orange much, and I almost hate red.
What has happened here is friendship.
And money.
One was on clearance, 2 were given to me by friends, one was on sale and one was limited edition.

Here are our contenders:
L to R: Milani Techno Red, Sinful Colors Timbleberry, China Glaze Make Some Noise, Icing Heavenly Hottie, LA Girls Disco Inferno

L to R: Milani Techno Red, Sinful Colors Timbleberry, China Glaze Make Some Noise, Icing Heavenly Hottie, LA Girls Disco Inferno

2 coats of each polish EXCEPT Milani Techno Red, which was 3 coats.

Here are my takes on these shades.
Disco Inferno, Make Some Noise and Timbleberry are all almost identical. Disco Inferno was the sheerest of the three, Make Some Noise was slightly darker and was the thickest and most opaque with the worst formula. It was thick AND it pooled.
Icing Heavenly Hottie dried matte and while I will keep it, I am going to do another comparison on it against the Sephora/Pantone Tangerine Matte polish.
Milani Techno Red - sheer sheer. Jelly. And almost orange.

Overall - I will be keeping the Sinful Colors Timbleberry and Icing Heavenly Hottie.
I am tempted to keep the Milani for the jelly factor, but I don't like this color, so I don't think I quite see the point. But I love jellies..so I'm on the fence with that one.
I wanted to love Make Some Noise because it's Limited Edition but the formula sucked and it was so thick it never fully dried.

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