Julep Maven - June It Girl Box

So, are you a Julep Maven, yet?
Chances are you are, at least if you live in the US.
Julep is a nail polish company, most recently known for becoming available at Sephora.
They have a unique bottle shape that I personally like aesthetically, but hate for practicality. 
Julep has a monthly box program similar to just about any other beauty box out there, each month new products sent to your door for a nominal fee.
The things that set Julep's Maven program apart are:
1 - It's Nail Polish! You get Nail Polish and (usually) nothing but Nail Polish!
2 - The colors are different every month and for every style. And almost always they are new shades.
3 - You can skip any month you want, or add-on extra polishes to your monthly box for a smaller fee than buying them outright. Or gift your box!
4 - You get free boxes for referring people!
5 - You can always get your first intro box for a penny (free shipping, it's really only a penny!)

The reason I say all this is because I received my June Box yesterday. 
So I'm telling you all about it today!
The boxes come out on the 24th of each month, you pick if you want to keep your regular style or switch to another. On the 27th they bill you and ship the next day.
Due to the Memorial Day holiday, this box shipped on the 29th. And I got it on the 31st. So that's pretty awesome.
I hope you enjoy this post, if you are interested in signing up with Julep for YOUR Introductory Penny Box - you can do it HERE! Use code COLORS4ONE at checkout.

The box that comes to your mailbox is jet black and super cute. Last month when it came I didn't even see it shoved in the back of the box and missed it by a full day! It was hiding in the shadows!!
They come with cards telling you about each color as well as a cute tutorial on ways to use the colors.

This month you could win special extras in your box - as you can see, my extra was a lip balm. Kinda little gift, but I actually love lip balms so this was a cool and usable item for me. Also pixie sticks tied to the package. Boyfriend will love those when he gets home.

I also got sent extra brushes, apparently they've been having brush issues. I don't think any of mine have problems, but good to have on hand just in case!
These were June's It Girl colors: Sasha, Morgan and Sandra.

Now on to the swatches...

Julep Morgan.
Julep describes this shade as Frosty Grape Purple.
It's definitely frosty. Almost too frosty. But it's manageable. I used it in a gradient and under some stamping and it was acceptable. But on it's own, maybe a little too dated. The frost looks like a cool bluish hue though, so it's got that going for it.

These swatches were with just one coat and one coat of BL top coat. Not bad for one coat huh?

Julep Sandra.
Friendly, frosted Magenta. Another frost.
And again...manageable if you use it in a different capacity than a straight up one color manicure.
The frost is a sort of purplish color, so it's got depth and interest, but it's still a frost.

These were also swatched using only one coat along with BL top coat. Two would be best. These were quick and dirty, but one coat still doesn't look half bad!

Julep Sasha - Fresh, cantaloupe melon creme.
Total spot on description. The minute I put this on it felt like a juicy piece of fruit.

Two coats with Butter London top coat.
Squishy, creamy and beautiful. It's not unique but it may be to my stash, I'll have to look.
A little thick on the formula.

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  1. I love Sasha, but the other colors really seem quite dated- like Wet'n'Wild colors I played with in the 90s!

    1. pretty much! they make good layering shades i suppose but on their own they are way too dated for my taste! but yeah, sasha is gorgeous and right on time.

  2. Beautiful Colors! I got Boho Glam this month because I want the Robins Blue!



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