A little tiny tidbit of news!

Llarowe has announced this evening that she will be carrying three new lines in her online shop to substitute the departure of Lynnderella's. They are:

Dollish Polish
Pretty & Polished
Crows Toes

Pretty cool news, I've only ever bought from Dollish, but I've definitely lemmed pretty hard for the other two brands from time to time. Here's to hoping they might be a little easier for some of us to get now!

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  1. I Love my Crows toes polish and I have been wanting to own more of hers. Pretty and Polished is a really great line and I have many of hers also and I love them. I hope the prices do not go up too much.

  2. I have a few issues with this. Indie brands have a hard enough time keeping their Etsy shops stocked, how are they going to be able to meet the demand that comes with using an outside seller? Is there going to be another wishlist in which you have to wait months [even longer than if you were to wait for an Etsy restock] to get your polish? This seller is known for "overselling" and has admitted that recently her CS has been lacking, yet she's taking on 3 new lines of which there is already a high demand for. What about the quality of the product? You raise the demand you have to adjust the supply as well. Is the same time and attention to quality going to be given to every batch now that there's more pressure to get the product out? I would understand if these collaborations had been months in the making but I think we all can see that this is coming about due to Llarowe and Lynderella no longer doing business with each other. Was there any real thought given to this?

    Also cost is an issue. Everything will cost more now in order to meet the seller's overhead. It's getting harder and harder for me to justify spending so much money on a single bottle of polish when there's been so many quality control issues as of late. Bleeding and curling glitters, rusty ballz. We don't deal with things in mass produced polishes and they are but a fraction of the cost of these indie brands. Which, now that they're going through an outside seller I no longer consider to be indie. They're dependent upon an outside company to get their product to the customer.

    The only positive I can see coming out of this is international customers now having access but it pretty much screws the rest of the domestic customers.

    1. Jen - I'm feeling all of your concerns as well. As I was watching her announce the new lines last night one of my very first thoughts was - obviously this is new to all parties involved which means 1 - a hold on new polishes from these companies into their OWN stores, 2 - a price hike most likely on these brands since they probably never initially priced their product to work as wholesale and 3 - i really hope these brands don't slack on quality to make up for the time they will have to devote to having a distributor now.
      with all that said...i think it'll probably be even harder to get these polishes now. they will be much more widely known about, open up a bigger market of people wanting them and who knows...I mean, will these brands even continue to sell their own product or just do what Lynn did and let Leah Ann do it all and just focus on creation? I guess only time will tell, or if any of these brands come forward and acknowledge their plans for the future to their customers.
      With everything going on lately, all this indie drama, its kind of soured my opinion on indie polishes. I bought them because they were different than the mainstream polishes, but the more indies that pop up thinking they can make a quick buck, the less original some are becoming and the less quality even moreso.
      I have a few alliances to indie brands I love and will always buy from (Like Whimsical Ideas by Pam and f4) but the others....I just don't have it in me to sit by the computer for hours, days or months to get a polish.
      I'd like to think it will be easier to get these polishes now, but I think it will be harder and more expensive.


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