Monkey See Monkey Do Monday Featuring: Makeup Withdrawal!

Mondays - the root of all working class evil!
But hey - whatever.
Today is the usual weekly Monkey See Monkey Do - we take a mani (or something else if we want) and make it into our own creation (or copycat it exactly...whatever you wanna do).
The mani I'm doing today is something I was inspired by when Mimi from Makeup Withdrawal did a crackle over Jessica's Iridescent Eye Polish.
I'll be the very first in line for the I Hate Crackle Ride, but I really love the new(ish) Croc effects polishes.
So I asked my lovely UK pal Debbie if she would pick me up a bottle of the Barry M Croc Effects polish during one of our last swaps and I knew this would be the perfect excuse for wearing it.
It gives such a cooler and more sophisticated look than a crackle could ever dream of doing.
And let me tell you, add 2 coats of top coat and you have a shining lizard that makes you want to rock an alligator Chanel clutch all day long with this bad mani!

2 coats of Catrice Genius in the Bottle with 1 coat of Barry M Croc Effects on top and 2 coats of Butter London QDTC.

And here is my inspiration from Makeup Withdrawal:

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  1. I've just done a blog post on me wearing the Croc effect and it has come out totally different on your nails. It's weird how differently we must apply it. It looks lovely though xxx

    1. i have read the croc pattern will be different depending on the thickness of coats!

  2. It looks cool with the glitter peeking through! :D

  3. It looks really cool. Is it just me, or does the Croc-effects actually pull on the polish as well? :)

    1. seems it does. the parts where it cracked definitely seems to be missing that golden glow. but it could be the angle of the photos too. i'll need to try this over a cream polish to test this out!

  4. the croc effect looks super awesome much better than crackle...:-P

  5. The croc has won me over! I must say... I love it. =)

  6. Consider me 100% inspired! I've been lemming Barry M Croc Effects for a while but it is always sold out!


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