Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Summary!

Happy Weekend!!!

So...usually in this space I give you some news from the last week - unfortunately I am swamped with blogs to read this week due to my non-stop swatch fest I've been having with China Glaze and Kleancolor.
I'm going to save News and Photos for next weeks SS and this weeks focus is going to be on NEW BLOGS!

Enjoy some blogs that I've recently found or that are great little blogs you may not know about!

  • Nail Stash - This girl has some great skills, especially with flowers!
  • The Gorgeoisie - I have no words for this blog. Its truly epic and hands down the best nail art I've EVER seen done.
  • Andii's Candiis - Wow! Great nail art skills in a variety of styles!
  • I Like My Polish Black, Just Like My Metal - There's no question as to why I love this blog. Freaking hilarity.
  • blanket print nails - Lots of great swatches and reviews on new and upcoming polishes.
  • LACE - I've been following Lace via Tumblr for awhile, she recently started an actual blog and it is full of wonderful art!
  • Coewless Nail Polish Blog - Just GO!
  • MoDiddie - Great nails, great art - go get some!
  • Lacquers and Laces - Holy ballz. This girl has got the market cornered on RAD. Turns out you CAN be girly and rock polish AND sneakerz.
  • cutesville - OMG! She has the cutest nail art on her blog and only 80 followers! Please go follow this awesome blog!
  • Mr. Candiipants - Another fantastic Tumblr'er turned Blogger - you NEED to be following her!
  • Nailpocalypse - Very nice little up and coming blog with a rounded out variety of art and swatches.
  • Macabre Manicures - Emily is a girl after my own heart - gothic nails galore on this fantastic blog.

I truly hope you've enjoyed this small Blogroll and possibly found a few new blogs to follow!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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