Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Summary

Sorry this Saturday Summary is so late this week! I was planning on some awesome nail mail to fit in here but the tracking lied....

On with the show!

Unless you were in the middle of college finals or decided to go off the grid this week, there's no way you missed all or even some of the drama that once again is surrounding the Lynnderella brand.
When she flipped her shit last time I wrote a diatribe about it, but this time I will refrain. My friend Debbie said it best anyway:

And now some less dramatic things around the blogosphere this week:
  • Nailderella showed us some Essence Polishes that are getting a makeover in time for fall.
  • The NEW Bundle Monster stamping set is finally out!
  • Nailed It! shows us her manicure-must-haves!
  • We get a lowdown on the 5 Must-Have Polishes from The Daily Varnish.
  • (Non-Nail-Related-News, or NNRN) Find out how to save your busted powder compact with this great tutorial by The Beauty Department.
That's it for news, but those should keep you busy!
Also - some small nail mails this week (out of work = out of polish!)

My second order from Dandy Nails arrived! Wonderwall and Colorblind Squared!

My first Gosh polishes also showed up this week from Canada! Golden Dragon and Gasoline.

And much anticipated Lush Lacquer order got here after 3 weeks. (It was long, but they did warn me!)
Midnight Affair and Mr Bubble

Butt shots.

Have a great weekend!!!

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