Swatch - China Glaze It's Alive

Today's swatch is dear to my heart.
It was probably the first polish I ever bought on eBay that was discontinued.
I thought I was so cool getting this rare and hard to find polish.
Of course, I'd find out weeks later that it wasn't very rare or hard to find, though it was discontinued!
So anyway - It's Alive is from the 2011 Fall/Halloween Collection, "Haunting".

This is 2 coats but it's practically a One Coater!
It is thoroughly packed with glitter. And it's hungry. I'm talking at least 3 coats of Top Coat.

Serious gorgeous-ness, right?
It's an olive green jelly base, highly pigmented with gold and green glitters. The base almost looks black in some lights, its that pigmented!

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  1. this is kind of a weird color, but i like it! i think it's really gorgeous in its own way (:

    1. its totally weird! i love it!
      i'm a big big sucker for olive greens, or anything that refers to monsters or b-movies! marketing gets me again!

  2. It's like Olive, mixed with green grass mixed with glitter. Lol..

    It is weird, but I'm kinda liking it. Oh No. Lol... "Forget the name Lizzy, Forget the name of the polish now before you add it to your wish list". Lol...

  3. i think this was the first green polish I ever really lusted after - gorgeous xx

  4. Such a gorgeous mossy green! Still on my wishlist as it's a beauty :D


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