Swatch - Orly Galaxy Girl

Here's an Orly Swatch - Galaxy Girl!
I bought this on a recent trip to Sally's where they had just added a bunch of new shades in their permanent display.
This polish was originally released in 2010 with their Cosmic FX Fall collection.
I loved this the moment I saw it, it reminded me of an eyeshadow by MAC called Club. Duochrome blue and purple with a greenish sheen. Basically it reminded me of a shimmery bruise and I had to have it.

This was 3 coats, pretty awesome, right?

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  1. bought it, gave it away, bought another, haven't used it- on you this is awesome, now I'm glad I have it! (again)

    1. haha i hate when you go back and forth with something like that. ive done it with so many beauty products in my life! luckily this one is easy to find!

  2. I was just looking at my bottle of Galaxy Girl last night thinking I really need to find a way to use it. So pretty.

  3. i have this one too, and i love how the shimmer really pops! it's a reallyyy unique color :D btw i love the name of your blog! gnarly is like one of my favorite adjectives and i have this inside joke w/my bestie about it haha!

    1. yep its a crazy awesome polish. thanks! i like yours a lot too, its totally different!!

  4. I have this also and I love it! In my bedroom it looks purple and then in my bathroom light it looked green/blue!


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