Swatch & Review - Metametics' Airbender

My next polish to show you from Metametics is called Airbender.

Metametics describes Airbender as a sky-blue jelly polish filled with white and blue hex glitter. Named after Avatar: The Last Airbender. Yeah!
This polish is a gorgeous light blue jelly/cream with multi-sized hex glitters in blue and white.
It went on a little thick - its definitely a polish that you need to apply carefully, but it is worth the extra time you take, trust me!
Glitters came out with absolute ease and after two creamy coats plus 2 coats of top coat, I have a smooth and glorious blue glitter sandwich of desire!

2 coats of Airbender with 2 coats of Butter London QDTC on top.

2 coats of Airbender with 2 coats of Butter London QDTC on top.

2 coats of Airbender with 2 coats of Butter London QDTC on top.

Macro bottle shot of Airbender.

Bottle shot of Airbender.

Very pleased with this one also! I don't have many blue glitter polishes, and I only have one that is a creamy jelly like this (WIBP Seuss, similar but with red glitters also) - this is a keeper!

Kas has some kick ass polishes you can find HERE - in full size or mini!
Also - visit the Metametics Facebook Page.

This product was provided to me for review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. The name describes it really well and the blue and white glitter tie in amazingly with the colour!


  2. Gorgeous! Jelly sandwich in a bottle :P

  3. this is awesome! looks like bubbles :D

  4. oh my gosssshhhh soooo pretty!!! IT'S GLITTER JELLY SANDWICH TIME GLITTER JELLY SANDWICH TIME! (Why hasn't anyone done that to the peanut butter jelly time song yet?!)

    1. oh my gosh you need to do that ASAP!!! now that will be in my head everytime i do one. which thankfully is hardly ever!

  5. Ooh! I need this! Love the cartoon and love this polish, it's perfect!


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