Teal Tuesdays: Dots! Featuring Fashionista's Mystical Dragon.

Today at Teal Tuesdays our challenge was dots, dotticure, polka dots, what have you....
Dots...I'm not sure sometimes if I love them or hate them.
I did a mani for this challenge, hated it, couldn't decide what I wanted to do about another one or just posting the craptastic one.
Then my lovely Debbie at The Crumpet told me that herself and Kirsten (The Geeky Owl) were both planning on wearing Fashionista Mystical Dragon which she'd just sent me last week! So of course, I'm not Gnarly if I'm not following the crowd...so I said I would re-do my junko mani and use this awesome new polish I got from her.

Fashionista is a stunning teal with tons, TONS I'm telling you, of glass fleck.
There's duochrome there too but it really hid away for these pics. But the flecks sure didn't.
It literally seemed like I had done a glitter tipped gradient at certain angles!
From what I understand, the Fashionista brand is UK based from Superdrug. I'm pretty sure I'll be needing to look into this brand further!

Mystical Dragon and Color Club Age of Aquarius.
This was two coats and 1 coat of Out the Door.
Yes, Mystical Dragon may look familiar.
It reminds me ALOT of Zoya Zuza and Color Club Metamorphosis.
I will do a dupe check on those soon I believe.

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  1. What a beautiful base colour, and you've gotten the circle detailing so precisely round! Looks amazing :)



  2. I like this mani! Love the colors you used :)

  3. yay, so glad you liked it, and the middle photo looks like you're underwater in a swimming pool (in a good way) great mani! xx

  4. It looks awesome on you! The duochrome is hard to capture with the camera.

  5. thank you all so much for the love!

  6. This look is simple but soooo cool :)


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