Tonymoly - Pinky Star

My Swatch requests continue today with Tonymoly's Pinky Star.
A beautiful peachy pink milky jelly base with gold, purple, silver and red glitters in different sizes.
Glitters are sporadic, but I think it adds to the daintiness of these polishes.

This is 3 coats of Pinky Star with 1 coat of Top Coat.
No gritty glitter, just girlie greatness!
I've only heard of Tonymoly being sold in Singapore, I'm not sure if that is the case, but I got all of mine on eBay, so if you don't live in Singapore, check eBay!

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  1. It's such a cutie pie of polish!
    I got mine on ebay too and i'm loving it!!!

  2. You can buy Tony Moly everywhere in Seoul (since it's a Korean brand), and they sell them here in Hong Kong too :)


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