Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teal Tuesdays Time: 3 T's Means Triplet's!

This is my 250th Post!
Coming up with new ideas and concepts each week proves a challenge in itself most times. There is no shortage, but trying to do something different isn't always easy!
Case in point was this week's vote for the Teal Tuesday Challenge.
Wanting to get everyone in the group to use the same Teal was pretty hard, even once we narrowed it down to three choices based off votes, some people STILL didn't have one of the options.
So this week, if you read a few of our blogs, some might be a certain color and some may be just totally random.
Our choices this week were to do a mani using one of the following teal polishes:
A England - Saint George
Zoya - Zuza
China Glaze - Atlantis.
I have all three, but I've shown you Atlantis and Saint George both at least once so I opted for Zuza...
Zuza...I've used her in a Saran Wrap mani once and that's it. Her formula was difficult for me. She was thick in the good way I like that doesn't cause problems with application. But it caused me a lot of problems with bubbles AND dry time. I applied it twice and both times came up with the same results. Luckily I was doing some taping for this, so alot of the issues with this polish were covered up.
I'm adding in a review to this mani for a stamping plate and stamper/scraper I received from KKCenterHk last week.

Here is the stamp and stamper/scraper set I've used for this mani. Today I'm just using the skull image in this design. The items come packaged nicely in a heavy duty zip seal bag. The stamping plate is labeled B-116

The stamping plate is metal, with a clear plastic protective sticker on the front to avoid scratching. This is similar to other stickers on stamping plates that are normally blue. Be sure to remove it before stamping or it flat out won't stamp. Any scratches you see here are just on the sticker.

This plate has nothing on the back, so like some plates that don't have that protective backing, this one's edges can be sharp, use with care.

The stamper and scraper are your basic kind. The texture on the stamper feels  more flexy than my double sided konad stamper. Plastic scraper.

The stamping plate images all transfer nicely. I tried them all on a sheet of paper when I received them and all had very clear images and were engraved quite well. The stamper works as well as my Konad stamper, however I would only use it for full size designs as it's harder to place the smaller ones with a big stamper. The scraper worked ok. I do prefer my usual gift card scraper to this, but for a first time user it will work for you. The plates retail for $5.05 for the single plates and the stamper and scraper set retail for $4.50. You can also use my coupon code for an additional discount:

Now back to the Teal Tuesday portion of my programming!

Base - Zoya Zuza, 2 coats. Then I stamped the skulls on and taped off the center sections of my thumb and ring finger and painted those black.

The black stripe was painted using Fingerpaints Black Expressionism and the skulls were stamped on with Konad Black.

Gold dots were done with Orly Solid Gold and a dotting tool.

The skulls I used were from the KKCenterHk plate, but on the plate they have pirate swords. I taped the plate where the swords were so that when I stamped I would only get the skull portion on my stamper.

The gold studs are 4mm gold square studs from Born Pretty Store (you can use my link on the right sidebar for a discount code to their online shop). These also come in 2mm size and in silver.

I top coated my design before adding the studs, then I used a Pick'r Upper from Sally Beauty to get them on my nail, then another coat of top coat over them.

If you are interested in joining the Teal Tuesdays group - you can go to our Facebook Group and apply!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Featuring - Nailside Explosions!

If you spend any time at all perusing nail blogs, you have likely heard of the Nailside blog.
Doing a Monkey See Monkey Do Challenge wouldn't be complete without including one of her designs...which is what I'm showing you today.
You can view this style of nail art she's done HERE.

Used Enkelini Shampayne for the base, taped off the explosions and painted black, then I freehanded the holo black explosions using Layla Flash Black and a striping brush. Top coat slightly ran the black holo, not sure why - but I still dug it!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Polish Spotting!

I know I know...I've posted ALOT today.
But I couldn't wait on this guy - I was out at the Post Office this morning and we stopped into this junker store called Freds that I HATE going in, but I do anyway if we have the kids and they want a toy.
So I scanned the beauty aisle as I'm known to do if one is available and I found the raddest little polishes!
There were 8 in total but 1 was out of stock and 1 looked exactly like Sinful Colors Dream On so I skipped it. But check them out:

Ioni Heartbreaker Polishes in their adorable packaging

To Die For and Deja Vu

How cuuuuuute are these bottles?!

Dolce, To Die For, Deja Vu, Heavenly, Fame and Candy Shop

The Glitters - Dolce, To Die For and Deja Vu,
Dolce is very sheer but buildable. Opaque around 4-5 coats.
To Die For is a dark jelly reddish-pink. Opaque at 3 coats.
Deja Vu is a burgundy jelly. Opaque at 3 coats and it looks ALOT like NerdLacquer Nebula.

Heavenly, Fame and Candy Shop.
Heavenly is a jelly mint blue.
Fame is a shimmery sheer lime green.
Candy Shop is a hot pink creme.

My notes on these are all preliminary swatches I did after I unboxed them.
I want to try layering a holo glitter in between layers of Deja Vu to see if I can dupe NerdLacquer Nebula.
These all dried wicked fast too!
These are 3 Free
Not Tested on Animals
Made in the USA
.41 fl oz.
I have since posting this learned this cosmetics company is Exclusive to Fred's stores. You can find them at ionimakeup.com and fredsinc.com

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