There are a few things that I think of when I hear the word Bubbles, all of which make me giggle.
Bubbles from The Trailer Park Boys (awww...Bubs...he is hilarious).
Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls (though Buttercup is my fave, and yes that is like the best cartoon ever next to Dexters Laboratory!).
And Mr. Bubble from the 80's.
What am I even going on about, you ask?
Welp...today is Sunday, it's a day we devote to stamping, and today's theme was bubbles and/or dots.
I don't really like stamped dots, I think they look much better when you can just dot with polish, it's much more opaque, so I opted for bubbles.
And last week or so my order of Lush Lacquers had come in, so it was the perfect time to use my Mr. Bubble Polish! I will show you THAT another time, but you can see it sparkle here as well, just under a little stamping.

These final 2 were ones I "tried" to take outside to catch some of the sparkle in the stamping, but its been SOOO hot and humid here that as soon as I walked outside my lens fogged up and no amount of wiping or time would make it stop. I thought it looked kinda cool, like I just got out of the shower in a steamy bathroom! 

For these nails:
Base - Sephora by OPI It's My Pink
Glitter - Lush Lacquer Mr. Bubble
Stamping - Julep Jessica (light blue) & China Glaze Dorothy Who? (dk blue sparkle)

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  1. Love this! It's a great interpretation for 4th of July

  2. This looks very cool! Love it!

  3. I like it a lot. That last pic makes it all look like in a dream :)

  4. Super cute! Powerpuff Girls Bubbles is definitely the best :) Haha

  5. Girl I am loving the controlled chaos in this! Darn and I thought DC was humid as hell! Can I ask what plate you are using here? I don't believe I've seen that one before! BTW every time I see the screaming face of the girl on the side of your blog I want to start laughing!

    1. you are funny lady! let me check and get back to you on the plate #

  6. Super cool effect. I dig the stamping over glitter.


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