Interviews with Indies - Featuring: Dandy Nails

This weeks Interview comes to us from Dandy Nails!

What is the name of your brand?
Dandy Nails, people have always called me Sandy Dandy as a nickname, when it came time to make a name on YouTube, DandyNails is what I ended up sticking with.

What is your name/names of everyone involved in your brand?
My name is Sandy and my wonderful husband Nick sometimes helps. Usually mostly just with shipping though.

What got you started in the polish making market?
Nail polish is my obsession. I've loved collecting it and my love for it transitioned from buying, to making YouTube videos, then blogging, and now onto eventually creating my own :)

Do you have a background that was condusive to getting started in this field?
(example: were you a chemistry major, work in a lab, have an art degree, etc...)
Unfortunately, no.

What is your thought process when naming colors?
Most (well all at this point) of my color names are named after songs, whether it be titles or lyrics. Usually as I listen to Pandora at work I have a little pad next to me where I write down little lyric snippets that jump out at me. When I take that list home I mix what I picture for it. Sometimes, I'll just create something and leave it nameless until something just, fits.

Where do you derive your inspiration for your creations?
Music obviously has a big weight on what I create. It's my other love. A lot of the times however, I just sit at my desk, and just start mixing, more often than not, I hate it! Every now and again though, a little gem appears.

Where do you create?
When I first started it was at my polish desk (I had a polish area in a corner in my bedroom) but just a little while ago my husband and I decided to get rid of our guest bedroom and convert it into what is now my polish room.

Do you make polish full time?
No, I do hold a normal 9-5 job, when I come home, my time is divided between the hubby and nail polish.

What is your favorite polish that you did NOT make?
Flying Blue Jay by Nail Venturous. That woman is pure talent!!

What is your favorite polish brand?
 Indie brand would be Nail Venturous. Non Indie would probably be China Glaze, mostly because it was my first love, the gateway to what my obsession is now.

What is your favorite polish from your own line?
I'd have to say Bathed in Light. I wear it at work a lot, it's work friendly yet, different!

What is the best part about making polish?
Being able to create something that people like, sometimes even love. I will never tire of seeing the comments and pictures people send me of them wearing something that I've created. It's utterly surreal.

What is the worst?
Whether people believe it or not, a lot of money gets, pretty much thrown away in having a line. I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in glitter that has just not worked out for me for one reason or another. Failed colors, bad pigments, bad glitters, etc. It was definitely a learning experience for me.

How many polish shades have you made to date?
That I've released, 21.  That I never released, probably twice that if not more. There are another few that are just sitting, "marinading" as I call it.

How many polishes do you have in your own personal stash?
I stopped counting at 800, that's so bad!!!

What is your one favorite ingredient?
Holographic glitter, I can't seem to stay away from it! I have to stop myself sometimes!

Do you make non-polish products? If so, tell us about them!
I've always been very crafty and hands on. My husband thought polish collecting was a phase at first but it's still here! I learned cake decorating and even sold a few cakes before I gave it up. I learned knitting for a quick minute before it died off for me. I've dabbled with painting/sketching most of my life but it comes and goes, and once I got into polish I made polish jewelry that were mostly just gifts to friends and family members. Whoa I really rambled on there!

Tell us where your polishes are available to purchase?
As of this moment I'm only selling through my etsy page.

Do you have a website/facebook/blog?
I have a very abandoned blog at the moment,, and a YouTube that I'm not nearly as active as I used to be in I'm very active on facebook though. You can find me at

Check out these photos Sandy sent of her Polish Room!

New Shade Alert! 'Hands of Time'

Pretty fabulous setup, Sandy! Thanks for talking to us!
At publication, Dandy Nails polishes retail for $8 and although she is currently out of stock, her next restock will be Wednesday, August 1st at 5pm EST.
Dandy Nails Polishes can be found at

As a bonus, I have also gone ahead and swatched the 3 Dandy Nails Polishes I have in my Collection for you today...

First up is Colorblind Squared.
Here I have paired it over a splatter mani I did using Manglaze Ilf, Manglaze Lesbihonest and Sinful Colors Savage.

Next is Funhouse. I have swatched this polish before but I hate the way my nails look in that swatch and it's an old photo layout, so for the sake of consistency, I re-swatched it, here over Zoya Dovima.

And last but not least at all, is Wonderwall...On it's own, 2 coats.


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  1. Oh my... Her workspace is amazing!! I am so envious right now! Lol. Her polishes are beautiful as well!!

    1. i know! i love it so hard. lucky lady.

  2. O-M-G! Sandy's work space is heaven! I love DandyNails! Thank you for sharing this interview!

    1. absolutely! was so glad she agreed to it!

  3. Awesome interview, so envious of that polish room ::sigh::, LOOOVE your swatches. Beautiful!

    1. i know right....i barely have a corner to polish in.

  4. I'm in love with her polish room!! And your Colorblind mani is gorgeous!! ^.^

  5. Love! Sandy is one of my favorite people ♥

  6. I really do love this Indies interview series, thank you so much!!!


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