Friday, July 6, 2012

Deco Polish Racks

I see TONS of posts every day of my fellow bloggers and nail fanatics posting stash photos and time and again I see them in these tupperware/plastic storage containers, cardboard name it.
What if you could have something beautiful and functional that would save all that space and even look like a work of art?
I stumbled across a website called Deco Polish Racks ( awhile back and couldn't believe my eyes!
These individually designed high quality racks are made in the USA and come in an assortment of designs and colors. They are really well priced, too!
Personally...I live in a TINY space (think the smallest apartment you can find in Manhattan, and it's probably still bigger than what I live in) and these are perfect for my needs. Most of these fit between 60 and 90 bottles of polish, depending on what brand...

I'm loving that 2nd one. I can't wait to get a couple of these - I think they'd look great paired with a mirror in the middle and a cute vanity!

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