Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hot Pink Color Comparisons

Hey hey! Wednesday is upon us, where do the days go...
Today I'm digging through my stash again and comparing some colors I'm finding that appear to be awfully similar.
Pink is one of my favorite colors, and out of the 60+ pinks I have, I found 5 that seemed almost identical in the hot pink family.

Check 'em out:

Here's my take...

China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic (thumb)
Thin formula, easy to apply, 2 coats. Definite keeper.

Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power (index finger)
Thickish formula (I've had this for awhile, so it could be time thickened) but easy to apply, 2 coats.

Sephora by OPI It's My Pink (middle finger)
The formula on this is pure perfection. 2 coats. Scented like Betsey Johnson's perfume. Which I personally love about it.

Milani Fast Fuchsia (ring finger)
Another great formula and a one coater. Also a great stamper.

Goldie Pink (pinky finger)
Formula was a bit thin and the finish is leaning toward jelly. 2 coats did a good job of getting opaque though. This was the darkest of the bunch, but not by much.

I found these all so close in color that if I could, I'd ditch 4 of them.
Sadly..It makes me feel like such a hoarder to not be able to get rid of any of these.
Fuchsia Fanatic is perfection. Fuchsia Power is nothing special but I've had it so long it's half gone and not worth trying to pawn off on someone else! It's My Pink is a Betsey Color! I could never! Fast Fuchsia is my go to stamping pink and a one coater, nuff said. And if I had to ditch one, it would be the Goldie, but because it's jelly-ish, I have to keep her.

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