New Polish Spotting!

I know I know...I've posted ALOT today.
But I couldn't wait on this guy - I was out at the Post Office this morning and we stopped into this junker store called Freds that I HATE going in, but I do anyway if we have the kids and they want a toy.
So I scanned the beauty aisle as I'm known to do if one is available and I found the raddest little polishes!
There were 8 in total but 1 was out of stock and 1 looked exactly like Sinful Colors Dream On so I skipped it. But check them out:

Ioni Heartbreaker Polishes in their adorable packaging

To Die For and Deja Vu

How cuuuuuute are these bottles?!

Dolce, To Die For, Deja Vu, Heavenly, Fame and Candy Shop

The Glitters - Dolce, To Die For and Deja Vu,
Dolce is very sheer but buildable. Opaque around 4-5 coats.
To Die For is a dark jelly reddish-pink. Opaque at 3 coats.
Deja Vu is a burgundy jelly. Opaque at 3 coats and it looks ALOT like NerdLacquer Nebula.

Heavenly, Fame and Candy Shop.
Heavenly is a jelly mint blue.
Fame is a shimmery sheer lime green.
Candy Shop is a hot pink creme.

My notes on these are all preliminary swatches I did after I unboxed them.
I want to try layering a holo glitter in between layers of Deja Vu to see if I can dupe NerdLacquer Nebula.
These all dried wicked fast too!
These are 3 Free
Not Tested on Animals
Made in the USA
.41 fl oz.
I have since posting this learned this cosmetics company is Exclusive to Fred's stores. You can find them at and

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  1. those bottles are way cute! i wish we had them here, i'd totally love to try out those jellies!

    1. i'm gonna go back in a week or so to look for the shade i wanted that was out of stock, lemme know if you want me to pick any up for you!

  2. These are awesome looking! I have never heard of Fred's though or this brand. The bottles are unbelievably cute ugh I hate that they are jellies because that makes them instant WANTS in my head lol! Especially when I read words like Nerdlacquer dupe...

    1. Fred's is (i think) a southern thing. I've only ever even seen it here in Georgia though, not in South Carolina or Ohio when I lived in those places, though it could be. Maybe I should look and see where they are at and add that info in. I also looked into the brand and it's exclusive to Fred's! I might have to find some other locations to scout for the 1 or 2 shades I missed at my local one. And I will try to get swatches of them up this week or next.

  3. I have a freds right behind my work haha, its that bad of a place, they have lots of polish for a good price. these are cute! :)

    1. My Fred's is always really dirty and trashed! Have you seen these in yours? Usually mine only has LA COlors and Wet n Wild. But going in this weekend even their LA Colors line was way better stocked, they had sets even.

  4. I love its packaging! :)

    Anyway, I'm already your follower, could you also follow me back? My GFC widget got broken and I lost almost all of my followers.. :( maybe you can help me..

    Thanks! :)


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