Rockabilly Luau - Bandana Theme

Welcome to the 2nd Mani in my Rockabilly Luau Theme Week!
I was contacted by Rockabilly Luau asking if I could come up with some Luau themed nails they could show the ladies attending the event as inspiration. I was so excited I decided to dedicate an entire week (or more) to it!

Most of the manicures you will see for this theme will include tutorials, I imagine a lot of people viewing these won't be familiar with some terms and techniques, so I am going to try and break it down as best as I can for everyone, and not just my regular readers.
To see all of the manicures in this theme - click here!

So let's get started on these Bandana print nails!
I am VERY excited to bring you these today! So far they're my favorite of the entire theme!
I just can't picture rockabilly without a girl in a bandana.
Here is what you will be achieving:

Start off with a base of red, preferably a creme shade with no shimmer or glitter, just plain ole red. This is Rapid Red by Sally Hansen. One coat. Dries remarkably fast. Afterwards, give it a quick swipe of top coat, since we will be doing some nail art on top of this and it's always good to have a top coat shield in case you screw up you can remove the art and not the polish underneath!

This is the stamp we'll be using today!
This plate right here is the entire reason I purchased this Bundle Monster plate set.
And I don't even like paisley. But I guess I do now.

Using an opaque one coat white polish, stamp your design on.

Then do all the rest of your nails.

Cleanup using a brush dipped in acetone to pick up any polish reside around your nails.

Next, take either a black polish and striping brush or dotting tool and make dots and outlines on various parts of the design. I used THESE black nail art pens for this.

Once everything is dry, follow up with top coat and you're all set!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

For more information on the Rockabilly Luau - please visit their website at - the event is August 4, 2012 in Atlanta, GA.

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  1. I just want to say to you that your blog really inspires me. Thank you!

  2. Very nice, I love how this turned out :)

  3. i love it!! this is so awesome, i love paisley :)

  4. You have mad stamping skills!

  5. OMG this rocks the Billy off !! awesome, and so well enhanced :) xx

  6. These are badass!!! I will need to copy these one day!!!


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