Rockabilly Luau Theme Week! Todays Feature: Pineapples

This is a pretty awesome feature I am thrilled to be bringing you for the next week+.
I was contacted by Rockabilly Luau asking if I could come up with some Luau themed nails they could show the ladies attending the event as inspiration. I was so excited I decided to dedicate an entire week (or more) to it!

Most of the manicures you will see for this theme will include tutorials, I imagine a lot of people viewing these won't be familiar with some terms and techniques, so I am going to try and break it down as best as I can for everyone, and not just my regular readers.

So let's get started on these pineapples!
Here is what you will be achieving:

Let's get started.

Here is what you will need:
You can substitute polish for acrylic paint if you have to. 
(Dark Green, Light Green, Brown, Peach and Yellow)

First off, you want to set your background/base color. Here I used an opaque peach creme shade. Just get it opaque enough to show it's color, it doesn't have to be perfect as most of it will be getting covered up. Mostly just make sure it's got good coverage up around your cuticles.

Let those coats dry and then get your yellow and brown. 
You will also need a makeup sponge for this step. Cut a small piece off and set the other piece aside for another project.

Dab some brown polish (or paint) onto the sponge. 

Sponge it onto your nail. Just a couple of dabs, too many dabs and the polish/paint will start to lift back up. 
Make sure to only sponge up half to 3/4 of your nail.

Do all of your nails.  

Repeat these steps again to get a darker coat. 

Take the other end of your sponge and dab the yellow polish/paint onto it. 

Sponge over the top of the brown. 

Do all the nails! Only once for this step though, you don't want the yellow to cover the brown, just to peek through. I've used a Bundle Monster stamping plate. If you don't have a fishnet patterned plate or don't know much about stamping, you can substitute the plate for a striping brush and brown polish/paint and make the fishnet design freehand. 

Take the same brown polish/paint and stamp/paint the fishnet design, only up as high as your sponging design is. 

Finish the rest of your nails. 

Now take your light green and put a bit of it on a piece of paper (i use my scraping credit card for this usually) and your dotting tool (if you don't have a dotting tool you can use a thin brush or a bobby pin's ball end) 

Draw some leaves coming off the top of the design and swooping down. 

Again, do all the nails. 

Now get your dark green and do the same. 

And again, do the same, make leaves, outlining and overlapping the lighter green. 

Once all the nails are done, you are done with your design! Now take a paintbrush/concealer brush and dip it in acetone to run along your cuticle and sides of your nail to get up all of the messy paint and polish. Voila! Looking classy.

Once your cleanup is done, add a Matte Top Coat to finish your look. If your polish or paint was a little thick, you will want to wait and make sure that is completely dry first so you don't smear your design when you top coat it. 

Products Used:
Hard Candy Matte Top Coat
Hot Ticket The Balm Counterfeit
Illamasque Milf
Femme Couture Chocolate
Julep Hayden
Cosmetic Arts Neon Yellow.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

For more information on the Rockabilly Luau - please visit their website at - the event is August 4, 2012 in Atlanta, GA.

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  1. Replies
    1. hehe i know! how perfectly tropical, right?

  2. You're a genius, this is blowing my mind right now!

  3. That's really pretty - and a very useful tutorial, thanks :)
    BTW I love the little skull on your finger :)

    1. thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it!
      my skull is a little crusty right now, I hate having to heal tattoos at the same time I have to show them on camera!

    2. Ha, I didn't even noticed that! I have a thing when it comes to skulls, I *really* like them, so I almost jumped when I saw your little skull peaking out :D

  4. Love it, especially the tutorial, thanks!

  5. Oh damn girl love the pineapple nails! I prefer to use acrylic paints though when I'm doing my freehand nail art just to save on my babies (lol - must conserve the preciouscess's). Do you think that would look bad with matte topcoat?

    1. in my experience, matte top coat wears less well than glossy top coat. if you use acrylics i might glossy top coat first and then matte top coat after.

  6. Gah! You make this look so totally easy! Of course now I'm going to have to try a version of this.

  7. This is super cute! Would have never been able to come up with an idea like that!

  8. awesome theme? tick, awesome post? tick, awesome tute? tick. Tick tick tick tick tick xxx

  9. thanks ya'll - so glad they were a hit!

  10. Oh, this is just adorable. And the tutorial is great, clear, really easy to understand.


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