Saturday Summary

Another week comes and goes...let's see what's new!

  • Nailed shows us the new up and coming Deborah Lippmann For True Blood Collection (I'm not into that show, but hey, I know you are and it's polish related, so you're welcome!)
  • Zoya dropped new info on their Fall Designer Collections this week. But Scrangie has the best (as always) swatches of the Gloss portion of that collection, which is the one I'll be getting for sure!
  • Glitta Gloves has a video on manicure cleanup - which I am a huge fan of doing! If you've been following my tutorials this week, you will know this is what I do, and now, how to do it yourself!
  • Stoked! Nouveau Cheap showed a first look at the new Wet n Wild Collection - Save by the Nail (Yes, it IS themed around Saved by the Bell - the best show ever when I was in my 20's!)
  • Essie's new Fall Collection - Stylenomics, is coming soon - check out Body & Soul's promo post about the new shades.
  • Bottles & Bottles of Polish shows us how to fix/patch a broken nail. Always helpful!
  • Get a Nail Care 101 lesson with Unnaked Nails.

And....I had some small hauls this week, but my camera is full of ebay photos right now so I'm going to post them from Instagram, along with whatever else happened over there this week:

Ozotic 505 and Enchanted Disco Barbie!

Candy Lacquer - White Wedding

Spoiled I'm So Jaded, Wet n Wild 2% Milk, Essie Penny Talk and Spoiled Cougar Attack

That's unfortunate, isn't it?

My cat will clean herself nowhere else but on daddy's head.

Some dear in the road, though I think they're impossible to see really. It was raining.

My friend got some teacup pigs, so we took my boyfriends son over to see them. Loudest things I've ever heard in my life. And again, you can hardly see the pigs in this.

A deceased damselfly my friend gave John

Crazy eyes,

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  1. Your kitty's eyes in the last picture are adorable!

    1. dont stare too long or she will steal your soul!

  2. Gosh I just love your Saturday round ups so freaking much! So useful and yes I need every single True Blood themed Lippman polish because I heart that show to death. Btw is the polish missing a brush or is it broken it's a bit hard to tell?

    1. no brush/bristles. it will make for challenging application, much like a Lynnderella polish...
      glad you like the Saturday series!!


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