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A super awesome special review!

So if you come here often or spend any time reading up on nail info, you will know that there are literally hundreds of shops popping up on Etsy every single day selling their polish wares.
It's quite overwhelming. What's been missing from this niche is one of my favorite things - stamping plates.
But not anymore! That's right, I said it!
I came across a radical little Etsy shop a few weeks ago, Vivid Lacquer.
Not only does Anni of Vivid Lacquer make exceptionally awesome polishes (more on that tomorrow) - but she makes stamping plates! Plates with wicked awesome images and designs I've never seen on other plates!
I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of stamping plates, I have quite a few sets and I can tell which ones will be usable and worth a damn and which ones are garbage.
I can ASSURE you, you will be pleased with these! 
The quality of this plate I think surpasses even the biggest brands, yes Konad, even you.
Anni was awesome enough to send me a plate (VL002) to review, so here we go!

The plate arrived in a super cute glossy black jewelry box with cotton.

Packaged in a plastic protective sleeve!

Has the typical blue protective sticker on the front. Remove before using.

Not only does Anni provide a backside label for edge protection, but look at how adorable it is!

Here's the VL002 plate, ready to go!
We've got an I <3 design, half moon, tetris blocks, squares design, honeycomb, dinosaur, butterfly wing, balloons, stars, and a snail!

The Butterfly wings stamp! Super cute, right?

This design was stamped in Konad Special Black over Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed.

The images on this plate are all huge, more than enough to fit just about any nail!

I wasn't even a fan of the butterfly wing craze, but I am NOW!

Next up, we're using the Dino design! I love him!!

The green I've used here is Nubar Reclaim, a stellar green holo! I freehanded the letters on the fingers with a black striping nail art polish.

I double stamped the dino design using Kleancolor Metallic Green and then I went over it with Konad Special White.

The dinosaur design stamped very well! 


Honeycomb! This was the design I was most excited to try on the plate!

This mani has a base of Orly Solid Gold, then I stamped the Honeycomb twice, once with China Glaze Passion and then again with Konad Special Black (the bee stamp is from a different stamping plate not affiliated with Vivid)

I added a few gold hex glitters in the empty honeycomb spaces.

Buzz Buzz Buzz!

The honeycomb design is HUGE! If you work quick enough you can probably get two fingers done at a time!

This was my favorite design of all of the plate choices - it did NOT disappoint!

Stars! This is the stars design with a few 3d star rhinestones.

The base here is a hodge podge of a watercolor mani using red, purple, green and blue metallic polishes from Kleancolor.

I double stamped the star design with Kleancolor Americano (a light champagne color) and then Konad Special Black.

Then added in some star rhinestones on top of the outlined star section.

My overall thoughts on this plate...
I loved the designs. They were all very unique for the most part.
The engraving on them was excellent. Not too deep or shallow. I had no problems with polish scraping off. 
This was an exceptionally well made product - I will absolutely be purchasing her other plate option as well as anything else she ever makes - To check out Vivid Lacquer Polishes and Stamping Plates, visit her at the following places:

Please come back tomorrow when I review some of the Vivid Lacquer polishes!

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