Apologies, Gratitude and Advice

Hey you guys!
So first off - I am sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday, I had a stamping mani all planned out but an unexpected furniture situation presented itself yesterday and by the time I had finished moving things around and re-organizing, the day had gotten away from me!
Now, I want to say THANKS for a few things...
1 - Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous post about Google Reader. Now that I've got the basics down, I LOVE IT. How did I go so long without it? I even figured out how to get past the 300 limit so I will be re-adding all of the blogs I had to cut over the next couple of weeks.
2 - Thanks to new and old readers alike I am now up and over 900 followers on the blog and almost 1000 on Facebook! Yay you guys - you rock!!
And lastly - some advice.
As you may have noticed, I recently changed my blog header up ^there^ - and it made me think I may need to change my image design as well. So I'm adding pics of my new image idea versus my old, please let me know which you prefer/you think goes better with the new blog design. This is my stamping mani that was meant for yesterday, and the rest of it will come in my next post:

New Image Design - Black

New Image Design - Grey & Pink

Old Image Design

So, which do you prefer?

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  1. Lovely header, lovely mani and I really like the grey & pink border :)

  2. Grey and pink and I love the mani!!

  3. i like the last border the best, but the pink one matches the banner better :)

  4. I like either the old one or the black one.

  5. I like either the old one or the black one.

  6. I like either the old one or the black one.

  7. I like either the old one or the black one.

  8. I like either grey and pink or the old one :) great mani as well :)

  9. I like the gnarly border better than the scallops. Can you do it in pink & black to match your lovely new header?

  10. i like the 2nd one, it's more retro xx

  11. I like the last one best, but I can see you want a change. I then like the second one because the lines are finer like in your new header. I think you should look for a less "girly" look than the scallops, more "tattoo" like, or "pop art".


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