BB Couture - Briquette

I've got a quick swatch post for you, this is what we in the nail community call "underwear" for an upcoming post. That's when I'm layering polishes, and the underwear is the base or bottom layer.
Can you guess what the top layer for this mani is going to be?!
Grey is supposed to be all the rage for fall, and I can see why after putting this beauty on.
BB Couture Briquette:

This was 2 coats of Briquette with NO top coat.
Very juicy polish, stunning pigmentation - dark charcoal grey with silver bits of shimmer running through it.
I got mine at Overall Beauty!

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  1. grey is such a gorgeous color, those little sparkles make it even prettier!

    1. Yes! I am a total sucker for a grey with something extra in it like this!

  2. Can´t wait to see what you are going to add to polish.

  3. This gray is to die for!! Love all the BB Couture grays!

    1. I know! I only got 2 of the Grey Collection but I'm pretty sure I need the other 4!


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