Thursday, August 16, 2012

Feast Your Eyes Upon the Magical Mystery Tour!

Man, it takes alot to stoke me out on the content I put here sometimes.
Today, however, is a special day here at Gnarly Gnails.
I have THREE of the most amazing polishes you will ever lay eyes upon.
I know it takes a lot to live up to some hype like that, but this girl, she knows what she's doing.
I'm of course, talking about Miss Pam of Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam.
Pam recently dropped her new collection of 6 gorgeous new polishes, and I was beyond lucky enough to get a few!
I've got half of the collection that I will show you over the next three days, and hoping to get the rest soon.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

So here we go, with Magical Mystery Tour!

Magical Mystery Tour - Macro. Holy craps, right?

The infamous square botle with adorable black bow. New black caps!  Who can't love this girls packaging?!

And now we're rockin'. This gorgeous shimmery pink/fuchsia jelly base is packed with micro, small and medium bluish periwinkle glitters.

This is TWO coats plus one coat of Out the Door topcoat.

This polish right here had the best formula I have ever used, in my LIFE. This is no joke. It was not thick like some jellies, it was actually quite thin for a jelly and just a joy to apply. Did I mention only TWO coats?

So much dazzling sparkle....

And one coat of top coat smoothed it like a fresh sheet of ice. This is pure quality.

Check these babies out! My new babies!!!

Magical Mystery Tour, Flower Child and Super Hero

New bottom labels! Loving all of the new touches to Pams bottles.

You can see swatches of the other two polishes Friday and Saturday!

Did I lure you into wanting ALL of these yet?
Seriously, this girl not only is just the sweetest and nicest person, but she takes the Indie polish making game up quite a few notches.
If you want your own, check out her Facebook page for info.

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