Hippies and Flower Children Everywhere - Rejoice!

Here we go again with the new WHIMSIES!!
Today I'm swatching 'Flower Child' for you, and lemme tell you guys - this one is wicked!
A soft lavender jelly with light and magenta glitters in various hex sizes...
Without further ado I bring you the Flower Child!

Flower Child Macro.  Nuff said.

Bottle shot - just can't get enough of those cute bottles and little touches like HAND-TIED bows!

Down to business. Flower child is a lavender/periwinkle jelly with multiple size hex glitters in what appears to be different shades of pink.

This is again only TWO coats of Flower Child with ONE coat of Out the Door topcoat.

This jelly not only covers in 2 coats, it top coats out smooth as silk and dries remarkably fast.

For what seems like such a simple polish, there really is a ton of complexity in this. Formula was insanely good.

Here is Flower Child with a matte top coat. Still great, right???

I adore a good glitter polish with a matte effect, seems to add even more depth!

Check these babies out! My new babies!!!

Magical Mystery Tour, Flower Child and Super Hero

New bottom labels! Loving all of the new touches to Pams bottles.

You can see swatches of the other two polishes Friday and Saturday!

Flower Child really blew me away. It was one of those polishes I was on the fence about, seemed a little too demure even for me. But let me tell you - there's not one polish Pam makes that I can't find love for. A bottle shot will always deceive you when it comes to her polishes, there's always a secret inside!
Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam is available solely through her Facebook page:
If you want your own, check out her Facebook page for info.

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