I could be Green with Envy - who knows?

Sorry for the weirdly placed post here...
Essentially, I had something different set up for today, but my card reader is being difficult and the pics I needed to edit for today are on my card, basically I was too lazy to restart my computer to get to them, so instead I worked on a different post for today and I'll show you that other one tomorrow.
So...greens. I have a lot of this color.
It's weird how color in the bottle look so similar but prove to be a lot different on the nail, aint it?
Well, check out some of these greens and see what you think:

China Glaze Glittering Garland, Revlon Rainforest, Revlon Emerald City Matte Suede and Femme Couture Garland

Closer up comparison of China Glaze Glittering Garland and Revlon Rainforest

First off - all of these swatches are 2 coats of each color with no top coat.
Glittering Garland and Garland are very similar in color but GG has a bigger glass fleck, making it more brighter/glowy. Garland is darker, almost a blackened green.
Rainforest seemed close to GG but upon swatching, you can tell it's much warmer toned with an almost olive glass fleck. Looks very similar to CG Zombie Zest so I'll have to compare those as well.
The odd man out here is clearly Emerald City which has a bluer tone and a different finish. Not really matte or suede, more satin finish, cool though, and I got him for a buck at the flea market, so a good find nonetheless.

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  1. They're all pretty, but Glittering Garland stole my heart!

  2. Wow all of them have a little something extra about them! I have Rainforest and
    Love it!

  3. Oh! I'm in love with Revlon - Rainforest. I've never seen it bfore! Is it new in the US, cause maybe, just maybe we Ausies might be getting soon. One can only hope!

    1. Its part of their newish Colorstay polish line, if you have that there then most likely its around, its part of the permanent collection of Colorstay polishes.


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