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This week we're Interviewing Sunny of 365 Days of Color!

What is the name of your brand?
365 Days of Color Polishes

What is your name/names of everyone involved in your brand?
My name is Sunny and Im the girl behind the polishes :) 

What got you started in the polish making market?
I originally started out making polishes so that my sister and I could play around with glitter and pigments, but after some feedback from fellow blogger friends and followers of my blog I decided to take the plunge into the market

Do you have a background that was conducive to getting started in this field?
(example: were you a chemistry major, work in a lab, have an art degree, etc...)
I do have a biology degree so I have played around with chemistry but I dont think that has influenced me too much in making polishes.  I think I just have too much creativity to keep to myself and had to let it out somehow.

What is your thought process when naming colors?
Honestly naming polishes is probably one of the hardest things for me.  Sometimes the name just pops into my head randomly and other times I am at a complete loss and have to ask other people to help.  My creativity in this part of the business lacks a little sometimes

Where do you derive your inspiration for your creations?
Mostly from everyday things, or things that I really love.  My candy shoppe collection (which is now discontinued) came about one day when a girlfriend and I sat in my room and thought how cool it would be to have a candy inspired line. However, my travel the world collection came about because I wanted to share a few of my favorite places.  

Where do you create?
In my room, at my desk..which probably isnt the best idea because I have now ruined my desk, but its the only place I can really get work done 

Do you make polish full time?
Not at all! Im a student right now! :)

What is your favorite polish that you did NOT make?
I dont have one, so I'll tell you a few of my favorites.  One is Jessica Cosmetics Hologram Chic, and Color Club Blue-ming and I also really love Nail-venturous Lacquer Robin Laid an Egg. Its probably my favorite indie polish! 

What is your favorite polish brand?
Definitely China Glaze.  Sometimes they're un-original but most the time they come out with the most amazing, flawless polishes!!! I don't think Ive ever had a problem with China Glaze

What is your favorite polish from your own line?
Hmm. There is a polish I have coming out for my Halloween collection which has got to be my favorite all time that I have ever made. But if I had to pick one I already have out it would have to be Summer Dream. 

What is the best part about making polish?
Bringing together color combinations that I have stored in my head! 

What is the worst? pouring polish into a bottle. Honestly I DREAD this part of the process.  

How many polish shades have you made to date?
Oh man, polishes that I have up on the site?  I think somewhere around 25-30? Polishes that will never see the light of day though? Probably another 30.

How many polishes do you have in your own personal stash?
Last time I counted I was somewhere in the 600 mark, but I know it has to be more right now 

What is your one favorite ingredient?
Glitter? Haha I love glitter

Do you make non-polish products? If so, tell us about them!
Yes! I do! I have a "miracle" balm out right now, which is a cuticle balm enriched with vitamins to help your nails grow long and strong!! Its one of my most popular products actually

Tell us where your polishes are available to purchase?
You can purchase them off

Do you have a website/facebook/blog? Give us any links you want.

What does the future hold for your brand?
Im not sure actually.  Right now all I know is that I love making polishes.  It relaxes me and its a fun little hobby of mine

Do you have anything else you'd like my readers to know about you or your brand?
Well my brand is all 3-free and very animal friendly. I think thats a very important thing about my company everyone should know

Now check out some awesome photos Sunny included from her NEW line coming out soon!


My Little Cuppycake

Coming Soon - The End of the Rainbow Collection!

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