Julep August - Boho Glam Unboxed!

As the end of the month comes, so does another Julep Maven Box.
This month I left my trusty It Girl and went for Boho Glam's box.
Personally, I wasn't as interested as everyone else was in the polish remover (I only use acetone these days so I don't know when I will even get around to reviewing the remover) - I just didn't like the color choices this month for It Girl so I switched to Boho Glam which offered a White and Minty Teal Metallic.

Let's start this off with my unboxing photos and I'll review as we go!

This month the box came in Pink! It was also significantly bigger than usual.

Julep branding on the side, long and narrow this time!

Happy Birthday Julep! If I'd have known, I'd have sent you a present!

The usual literature that accompanies the monthly subscription, a review of your items on one side and then some ideas on the other, and then an inspirational quote on another paper.

This months "wrapping" of the products was done with a re-usable branded Julep bag.

Cute black bag, I like it. It's got pink accents and the quote is nice as well.

It's about the size of a lunch bag, thin plastic. I love the pink sides!

Goodies wrapped in tissue inside the bag.

This months Boho Glam option - 2 polishes and a pump style bottle of "conditioning" acetone free remover.

Everything unwrapped.

The polishes! Isla and Piper.
NOW on to the polish reviews....

Julep Isla. 3 coats and nothing more. What a nightmare those brushstrokes look like, right?

This shows the polish after I have added a top coat. Did NOT smooth out the brushstrokes at all.

So I sponged on another 2 layers of Isla to blend the strokes out.

Another coat of Top Coat and now we're in business. THIS I can get on board with.

Gorgeous frosty white metallic with a champagne undertone.

Yes, sponging on more layers is MORE work, but sometimes you have to work with what you're given. While I like it way better after the additional steps, I think it may be vastly similar to Orly's Au Champagne, which applies with ease to get this same look. Comparison will come soon.

Julep Piper. I can see we are having some Deja Vu here...3 coats, nothing else. Brushstroke hell.

Added a top coat, no help.

Sponged on 2 more layers.

3 coats, top coat, 2 sponged layers and another of top coat for this final look. WAY better.

Look at how soft and gorgeous this is now!

The sponging didn't totally knock off all of the strokes but it's a huge difference.

So...my overall thoughts on this box are 50/50.
The white grew on me, but like I said, if it's close to Au Champagne I do not need this at all because why have a polish that takes so much effort to look good when I already have one far more superior that takes 1/4 of the time to get right? 
As for Piper...after the sponging it's pretty good. It's got a soft metallic look going on that I do not have in any other polish I own, so it's a keeper. But when do I not keep a teal/mint shade?
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  1. Yikes those are frosty nightmares. I can't believe how much better they look after you sponged over the brush strokes, but daaaamn you shouldn't have to work that hard to get a plain mani to look good! Pretty colors, though. Maybe you can water marble with them or something. :)

  2. Sponging a layer to even out the brushstrokes is Genius!! I hate satin finish type polishes because the damn brushstrokes drive me Nuts!! I'll definitely remember that trick and try it next time. <3

  3. Wow, is this a well-known trick? Because I've never heard it, and I would never have thought to sponge on another coat to fix a brushstroke-y polish! You are brilliant - thanks for this tip, I'll keep it in mind when my Julep metallic/chromes arrive!


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