Monday, August 27, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Day!

It's Monday, you know this, right?
Ugh...Hopefully I'm asleep right now because as always, I have to be up at the buttcrack of dawn today.
But luckily it is going to be an epic nail mail day here, so I don't mind being up early, because I'll be stopping at the PO for one giant package and more to come later in the day. 
Have I mentioned I thoroughly hate my mail person? Pretty sure she hates us, too.
She tried delivering this monster package on Saturday (which is kind of a shock, because usually she can't be bothered to drive up our drive) - but I was in the shower and by the time my boyfriend realized it was the mail lady she was already leaving. He whistled out to her, and she looked right at him, and kept on going. What a scum, huh? I have a lot of problems with her laziness, and when it happens on a Saturday and I have to wait 2 extra days to get it because they're closed on Sunday, yeah, you aint messing with my polish without a complaint, lady. that happened.
And now this is....

This mani's inspiration came from Sophie at My Awesome Beauty. She has insanely great photography skills, and always does some spot on manicure goodness.

For this mani my base was Owls Night and Brit Invasion by Loreal - topped with  a no name pink from a brand called LDL and then I used China Glaze Passion and a thin paintbrush to line the sections out.

Hope you enjoyed this installment of Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday!
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