Readers - Help Me!

I'm in a jam readers, I need some help!

I never read blogs or knew much about reading them outside of bookmarking them until I started my own. So pretty much as soon as I did, I've been using Bloglovin' to read all of my blogs, which now are way up over 600 subscriptions.
Earlier tonight I had about the last straw with that website, the "next" button pretty much stopped working for me, rendering the site useless in my opinion.
So I'm switching to Google Reader since I don't see anything else worth a crap out there to try.
But this means a couple of things...
1 - I dont have a clue what I'm doing as I learn this new platform.
2 - It apparently has a 300 blog limit...well I follow almost 700 blogs, so is this true guys? If it is, I'm cutting alot of blogs out of my list, so I apologize if I have to cut you but my blogroll will still be the same.
3 - How is the easiest way to add a blog to the reading list?
4 - Is there a way to follow via GFC but not have the blog in my read list? I ticked off a button saying I didn't want my subscriptions in my list, but every time I refresh they are all back.

Any helpful tips you can give me about using Google Reader would be extremely appreciated.

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  1. I use google reader too, but I haven't found a way to fully delete a subscription. I delete them and they come back!! It's the only platform I've used so I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

    1. I'd guess that you're double subscribed - with reader and following via GFC. You delete the reader subscription but the GFC one remains.

  2. no idea. but i love your new header!

  3. I stopped using Bloglovin too, some annoying addvertisement made my computers processor work so hard. I tried Google reader, but didn't like it, now I use the blogger dash board, that you find on your blogger interface/admin page, and I really love it.

  4. I use Google reader, i add subscriptions as i find a blog. For a time i used GFC to pull feeds through, but was seeing things twice, so stopped the kink to GFC. I have more than 300 feeds, maybe the folder size is a max of 300? I have 270 in nails folder plus some news feeds, some tweet searches, some general blogs and some other random sites. Works well for me!

  5. click this: it will take you to your home page
    scroll down and you will see your reading this - those are the blogs you follow
    the the bottom there will be a blue "add" button
    copy the think of the blog you want to follow and paste it in the URL bar and click add

    there ya go, hope that helped :)

  6. I love Google Reader. I've not heard of any limits but I guess the only way to find out is to test it and see how you get on.

    If you go to settings > goodies then there's a widget you can put on your faves bar that will subscribe from any page with a feed.

    To stop GFC followed blogs showing in your feed go to settings > preferences and untick show all blogs followed from blogger.

    My big tip is to make use of tags. I've got my greader organised in the same way my blogroll is. In the past I've had A, B and C lists holding my must reads, should reads and if I have time reads.


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