Friday, August 17, 2012

Red Week is Bloody Over!

I can't say I'll miss all this red, but today's mani was for sure my favorite of the week, so I saved it for last.
When I got (excessively) into nail polish in January, the blood splatter mani was one of the first 5 I ever did. It was even probably my very first nail "art".
Anyway - today's mani is extra special because not only does it include a wicked awesome new polish that I LOOOOOOVE, but it also includes a very special part of me.
No, not my REAL blood. But my fingerprint!

So, I realize this doesn't "seem" red, but it is! It's Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Cinna-Snap. A deep jelly blood red. The less layers, the more pinkish/purplish hue it has, most obvious on my fingerprint nail!

Channeling Dexter! (Man, I cannot wait til that show is back on!!!)

Are you wondering what that glorious base color is?

It's BB Couture Smoke. A stunning light grey with a coppery shimmer/micromicroglitter. The best part is that the copper turns to a black once it hits your nail!

Is it weird that I would say having a nail polish that looks like granite is my dream come true?!?! Smoke was purchased at OverallBeauty - go get yours!!

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