Saturday Summary!

Hey guys!
This is coming real late in the day for me, but hey, it's better late than never!
I've been out and about all day so I'm just now getting around to this but it's a good one!!

  • Color Club's release of the Halo collection has been put on hold, no one knows why or when, but here's their response to it.
  • Alot of ladies are in awe of the somewhat new Essence Peel Off Base Coat. My Lucid Bubble and Pretty Purple Polish both try to make their own!
  • Man Polish gives us the rundown of life with a polish addict - hilarious reading.
  • Wanna see a ton of awesome new China Glaze Collections coming out? Everything2k has em:
  1. China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away 3D
  2. China Glaze Glimmers Collection
  3. China Glaze Hologlam Collection (with Colors and Descriptions!)
  4. China Glaze Tranzitions Collection
So those are pretty cool, right?!?! I'm super stoked about a few of those for sure!
So, my hauls have been a little minimal this week, I'll save those for next Saturday. Today I'll give you a rundown of August's Instagram goodness!!

My Boba Fett Alarm Clock holding some space polishes! Orions Belt and Nebula.

We found a snakeskin in the yard a couple of weeks ago. Yep, the country is pretty but it sucks to live in sometimes.

Finn and Jake. They rule.

The boyfriend got himself another new toy. He has as many tattoo machines as I do nail polish. Well...close enough.

Biscuits has her own shelf in the book case.

Sinful Colors display at Wal-Mart. Barely filled.

I have finally figured out what everyone else already knew - Nutella rules!!!

You can find the weirdest things at Wal-Mart - like a zebra toilet seat cover.

Oddly strange finds at the flea market.

The view from our front yard. We live on a creek/river.

A little haul I did at Ulta, finally got Zoya Frida! And some Opal Sally Hansen polishes I found at the flea market hiding in the back.

My kitty can be so cute when she's curled up like a snail!

I collect little cars - and this is now the coolest one in my collection! It has stitches all over the sides and it's called Creature Screacher!

Tagged in a nailartworkspace tag on Instagram so here was a quick snap of where I keep my preciouses.

At the store and had to snap this - talk about flashing back to high school!

Have a great weekend you guys!!

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  1. Love the new look! As well as the toilet seat cover that's awesome!


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