Teal Tuesdays - Braided!

It's Tuesday...yep.
This weeks Challenge is the Braided/Herringbone/Fishtail mani.
Is it just me or is it super annoying when one thing has 50 names? Or 3 names?
I say stick with braided and let's not confuse people.
So that's what we're doing today, and let me tell you...I was not alone in hating the idea of doing this mani.
Sometimes I like this style, sometimes I just do not.
I was not into it - but I was totally surprised when not too long into doing it, I freakin' loved it!

I used all China Glaze for this mani. The teal is Exotic Encounters, the black is Liquid Leather and the gold is Passion.

All I can say is don't be daunted by this mani, it's soooo easy to do!

Dots made with a dotting tool and finished off with Color Club 0-60 Top Coat.

You can find the Teal Tuesdays group on Facebook if you are interested in participating. Here is a list of other awesome bloggers who also do this challenge along with me!

Rhonda Nail Polish Marbury - http://nailsbeautiqued.blogspot.com
Ariane/The Frenzied Polisher http://thefrenziedpolisher.blogspot.sg
Jess/Once Upon a Polish... - http://gafforama.blogspot.com
Jasmin/Subtletyisoverrated - http://subtletyisoverrated.wordpress.com/
Elysse/Elyssian Bauty - http://elyssianbeauty.blogspot.com/

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  1. Dotting really gives your fishtail a little something extra, I love it!

  2. I've seen numerous tutorials of how this is done, but my brain just can't seem to understand it completely anyway. It's very pretty though :)

  3. Friggin' gorgeous! The color combo is stunning. I also have a love/hate relationship with fishtails. Sometimes they turn out stunning and sometimes they are my biggest fails + they are time intensive :/ Still this was totally worth the effort ne?

  4. Love it! The color and the design - amazing!

  5. Great color combo very pretty braid :) I need to try this soon!

  6. I LOVE the colour combo that you chose, amazing mani!!

  7. Nice! I have yet to try this. Love the colors you chose!

  8. wow i love the colors you chose! look amazing together

  9. Love the colour scheme and the dots. Lovely mani!

  10. I love braided nails! These are awesome!

  11. Gorgeous color combo and design! I love this!

  12. Haha our colors are super similar! This looks great! It seems like every time I come to comment, you have a new blog design lol. Each one is better than the last!

  13. OMG this absolutely frikkin rocks !!!!

  14. I love how this turned out! Great job!


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