Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teal Tuesdays - Funky French!

This weeks Teal Tuesday Challenge is to do a Funky French.
Typically, a funky french is a twist on the standard French Manicure. And it's pretty easy to twist it but still keep it "Frenchy".

I took this opportunity to try out some Flocked Leopard Black and Gold 'Fluffy' Nail Stickers that I received from KKCenterHk to review.

The stickers come packaged in a cute little blue and clear package with a ziplock tab at the top. You get  2 styles, oval and square/squoval, 10 of each style in varying sizes for pinky to thumb. Essentially - 1 sticker for each finger in 2 different styles. 2 full manicures worth.

The stickers peel back easily but are thin, so be careful not to fold them under themselves and get them stuck. The adhesive on these SEEMS non-existent and doesn't feel sticky at all. But once they get on your nail, they are pretty immoveable!

I used the stickers over a mani of Forever 21's Love & Beauty in Teal. A polish I recently acquired in a 3 pack of Blues through Copious for yet again, only a PENNY!

The leopard nail stickers are a gold metallic fabric with a flocked black leopard print. Very 3D and wicked awesome. Because they are a fabric material, they do have spots where the polish below will show through. It is more apparent in these macro shots than it is in real life, but I like how they incorporate some of your polish shade into them. And the metallic gold is super blingy!

The squoval shape is the one I did for these and it was the perfect shape for my nails. I would also like to add that no top coat was used on these. I simply applied them on top of polish that had about 15 minutes of dry time.

As you can see in this side view of my nails, the stickers are pretty skinny. I would not suggest these for anyone with wide nail beds, but for mine they were nearly perfect. I didn't do a side cleanup with acetone as I normally would so you could see how they just slightly didn't reach the edges of my nails. But if I had done my cleanup they would have looked perfect! Of course again, as these are macro/close up pictures, the gap is much more obvious here than in real life!

I was THOROUGHLY pleased with these nail stickers. They went on with ease and they stuck so well!
Seriously, after this dried, I tried really hard to peel them off and it was harder to get these off than my actual polish they were stuck to! But they came off with ease when I used some acetone on them.
They retail for $2.90 for the pack you see here - which will give you 2 full manicures if you use both shapes. You can also cut them to a different shape if need be or use them on a friend!

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