Teal Tuesdays - Jelly Sandwich

Hey peepeepeeps!
Happy Tuesday, no post from me yesterday, was feeling lazy and tired - its a day I gotta get up super early and it really did me in yesterday, it was all I could do to even take these pics for todays post, and I don't love em! I much prefer the look of my photos under my light - these were all taken outside in the sun to catch the underlying holo shimmer/glitter of Atlantis, but it really wasn't worth the trouble.
Yeah - Jelly Sammys!
If you don't know what this is - it's essentially a layer of polish, a glitter and then a jelly polish (something colored but somewhat sheer to get the underlayers to show through). 

So I used China Glaze Atlantis as my base color, then I put Candy Lacquer's White Wedding over that and topped it with a jelly franken I made over the weekend specifically for this challenge.

The culprits: China Glaze Atlantis, Candy Lacquer White Wedding and my Teal Jelly Franken

Das Jelly. Don't even ask what's in it - no idea!

Being the obvious teal lover that I am, I was kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't even own a teal jelly polish. I really want Zoya Frida but I just don't have disposable income right now to get it. So I took a VERY old jelly polish I concocted 6 or so months ago and added a bunch of blues and teals to it to get this. It's much darker in person, I'll have to layer it alone soon to show it off. It's got a pretty shimmer in it from some glitters in the blue polishes and some green eyeshadow pigment I added to it.

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  1. There aren't many glitter sandwiches I like, but this is definitely one of them. What a great looking franken.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Absolutely perfect! Don't even want you to see mine now! Haha! :)

  4. I love those heart glitters mixed in, this makes a gorgeous sandwich! ^.^

  5. Oooh love the polishes you chose! Really gorgeous jelly sandwich!

  6. wow love all those different glitter shapes in white wedding!

  7. This looks so cool as a jelly sammich! Awesome mani! :D

  8. Love!! I recently acquired Atlantis and it is my holy grail polish! I'm teal-obsessed! :) And definitely get Frida when you can, it's totally worth it!

    1. Oh! And I LOVE your teal jelly Franken!!


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