Thinking about women and glasses of beer....

The title is actually part of a song.
A song by James Taylor.
A song called Sweet Baby James.

If you are still in the dark, let me turn the lights on as I present to you - Sweet Baby James by Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam.

As always - Whimsical Polishes are packaged to perfection!

A super light baby blue milky base with white, baby blue and barbie pink matte glitters in hex, square and large square sizes.

This is 2 coats plus a slight bit of dabbing here and there to fill in bald spots and 1 coat of top coat.

Here we have Sweet Baby James mattified - how stunning, right!?!?!? I so love it like this the most!

I love the simple diversity of the glitters in this. Those big square pink glitters are awesome.

My thoughts on this polish are mostly good - the polish tended to be on the thicker side. But as weird as it sounds, it was the good kind of thick in that even though it was thick, it wasn't a bubbler.
I used a typical brush on method and dabbed on a 3rd coat in needed places.
I know that someone else (I think it was Captivating Claws) had the same thickness issue and I believe that Pam has already said going forward all bottles of this polish would be thinned down.
The colors are amazing, it is such a soft and delicate polish, I am dying to try it with some soft stamping next time I wear it.
I might suggest using this as a layering polish over a light blue or even a white to cut down on layers, but for 2+ coats I think this looks really great and opaque!
Go check out Pam's Facebook page to see the entire Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam Collection and get some for yourself!

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  1. Amazing! Love that chunky glitter!!!

  2. This is literally gorgeous, great pick!!

  3. So lovely - and it looks great matte))

  4. Wow, this is great, and really unique! I love her packaging cute!

  5. This polish looks just so pretty.

  6. Is that pink glitter textured??? That would look really pretty over a baby blue.

  7. Such a pretty color and the glitters! They are so cute!


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