Vivid Lacquer - Don't Forget the Rum!

Hey lovelies!
Today I have a special treat for you. I hinted yesterday I'd be showing you some polishes today.
Well these are more than just polishes, they are like precious gemstones in a bottle of rainbows.
But don't take that literally, because they aren't holo's and they don't cut through glass!
The completely awesome Anni of Vivid Lacquer was kind enough to grace me with 4 polishes to review and try out, along with the image stamping plate I reviewed yesterday.
Today I will bring you the polish reviews in 4 parts.
Here is Part 1 - Don't Forget the Rum!

Don't Forget the Rum is an opaque jelly. Here I have used it in 3 coats with no underpants!

Gorgeous variety of glitters in pink, black and white with a grey base.

LOVE. If you have spent ANY time reading my blog, you will know that I am a sucker for glitters in black, white and pink combos (and black, white and red!). Add a grey base and I am in glitter heaven. Seriously...I love grey!
The formula on this polish was heaven. It wasn't thick like some indie polishes can be, no glitter digging here, either! Everything came out perfectly and easily, what you'd expect for your money!
Vivid Lacquer describes this polish as a translucent grey jelly filled with black, white and pink glitter bars, hexes and squares. Yup. And I love square glitter, so those were a nice surprise. The composition and formula of this polish have officially made it into my top 10 indie polishes!
The swatches above were with a ridge filler base coat, 3 coats of Don't Forget the Rum and 1 coat of 0-60 Top Coat by Color Club.
Had NO issues with curls, tacos or bubbles. Very well behaved!
Vivid Lacquers can be purchased through their Etsy shop HERE.

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  1. i love it! i have never seen any polish like it!

  2. wow this combo totally rocks! i love the mix of grey and pink <333

    1. yep its the perfect combination of colors!

  3. What a great color! And it's very unique, I think I've never seen that combo before. I'm in love :)


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