Tuesday, September 11, 2012

30/31 Day Challenge: Day 11 - Polka Dots

Day 11 now on the 30/31 Day Challenge.
I'm glad I've stuck with it so far, trying to push myself to get ahead has been a huge help in getting through, that's for sure.
Today is Polka Dots and I'm so stoked on how this came out.
Let's get to the business and I'll walk you through it:

This is my pre-mani. The one I did before I finished and took pics of in case I hated the final version. It turned out after some hemming and hawing, that I loved the final version more, but here is a "before" shot. Yellow is Nails Inc Hampstead Gardens, the most amazing ochre color you've ever seen. The blue is Indigo by Love & Beauty.

Now this is the finished mani with a top coat added! I love this soooo much! 

Hampstead Gardens was opaque in one coat, though I did use two just in case the camera wanted to be finnicky. Indigo took 3 coats.

For something as random as polka dots, I loved the color combination of this sooo much that I actually wore it for 3 days. That's kind of a big deal around these parts!

Hope you enjoyed! Check out the other dotsters today:

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