30/31 Day Challenge: Day 2 - Orange

Here we are, Day 2 and I'm stoked.
I'm gonna get this done. Man, I hope I have this much optimism in 10 days!
Today is Orange Day on the Challenge!

Used Barry M Peach Melba for the base - 2 coats, no top coat. 

The black stars are various shapes that came in a huge package of plastic stars I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby for a buck.

I love how crazy and huge the stars are, how 3D and cartoony they look being so large!

The wearability on this mani is completely impractical but totally funtimes!

And check out the lovely ladies I'm participating in this challenge with:

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  1. Love, love, love!
    So creative! Great job.

  2. these are so fun!! can't wait to see what the month has in store :)

  3. I would never have thought of combining orange with stars, but it looks fun and great!

  4. Heee this is crazy cool Missy! I wish you luck. I'm contemplating joining a new challenge but the thought leaves me shivering slightly lol that's a lot of stamina ;)

  5. Love how the stars aren't completely on your nails. It really makes it look a lot different from just having say stars painted on your nails :)

  6. cool :)

  7. Wow this is so cool! I loooove the ginormous stars so much

  8. Who cares about wearablity, I'm here to see some awesome nails and those are definitely awesome! I love them!

  9. I absolutely love this! Impractical manis are always the best.

  10. I think I can...I think I can...

    Great photos :D

  11. Love these! They are too cute and fun!

  12. wauw beautifull
    this mani totally ROCKS!



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