30/31 Day Challenge: Day 21 - A Color

Today's theme for the 31 Day Challenge is A Color. Pretty vague, right?
Well...how many ideas can you have for a color...a million!
I decided to go for what is probably my most favorite color AND probably my most favorite finish.
SO how about a hot pink holo!?
It's even untried!
But first...
How about my inspiration?

One of my favorite guilty pleasures in life is my collection of Lux De Ville Handbags. At current count I have 7 of them, and I could never pick a favorite, that's for sure. But this hot pink Getaway bag is a close pick for #1 - I actually won this from Lux De Ville last year, so it's extra special!

And now...on with the show!

Enchanted Polish - Disco Barbie! This polish is electrified pink in person, I freaking love it.

My outside shots fogged up my camera lens it was so hot, so these have that extra little etherealism!

Two coats of Disco Barbie, no top coat.

And now, peep the other colors of the day:

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