30/31 Day Challenge - Day 24: Book

Continuing on with the harder end of the 31 Day Challenge - I'm doing another of my favorites - a Book - American Psycho.
Brett Easton Ellis is the author of American Psycho, and next to Chuck Palahniuk, he is my 2nd favorite author. He nails the 80s decadence genre so well, if you don't know American Psycho, chances are you know some of his other books - Less Than Zero, Glamourama, The Informers, Rules of Attraction.
Quite a few of his books have been adapted into movies if that tells you anything.
Amercian Psycho is no exception - it was also adapted into a film and was the reason I now have a mild infatuation with Christian Bale. But alas, the book is much, much better than the movie. It's also MUCH gorier...so much so there were and still are PAGES of the book I have to skip, due to the very graphic detail he gets into about murders. It's a pretty brutal book, but it's got alot of heart and humor.

So in the book we have our main character, Patrick Bateman. He likes to kill people. So of course on the pinky there we've got some blood. On the ring finger, that there is an old school vhs tape. Patrick likes to 'return videotapes' ALOT, it's usually even an alibi for a murder or 3. And since they are usually porns, I put the XXX there. Ha!

This is not an exit. This is the end of the book and quite a conundrum as to what you just read. It makes you wonder...but I won't spoil it. The index is just some 80s colors splattered. The book takes place in the 80s and its very obvious, from constant talk about 80s music (Huey Lewis, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston) and 80's New York Restaurants (Crayons, the 21 Club, Dorsia). Man, this really makes me want to read the book right now!

And of course, the infamous Business Card part of the book. When Patrick is so wrought with jealousy over hearing someone has a better business card than he does that he goes on a rampage. I love that every guy in his office has the same title of Vice President.

There you have it. Judging by my Song, Movie and Book Challenges, I sure do like bloody stuff!

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  1. I too like the Mr Bale too and this mani is great :D

  2. no rat ? lol. It is a disturbing book, and one i'll never re-read but I do love the genius of the appreciation of Whitney, Phil et al xx

    1. HAHA!! I knew I loved you for a reason! I thought about the rat but wasn't sure if it would translate, plus I know more people have seen the movie than have read the book and they left that part out in the movie!


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