30/31 Day Challenge - Day 26: Pattern

I cannot believe that there are only like 5 days left of this Challenge! It has been fun, annoying, imaginative & headache inducing all in one!

Now today we are on to Patterns. This one I knew almost right off the rip what I was gonna do - and luckily - it was pretty fun!

For the base of this manicure, I used a polish that KKCenterHk sent me to review.
It is classified on their website as Ebalay Matte Violet, however, on the label itself it says Rose Water #002.
Either way - it's awesome and here it is:

Here is the bottle of Matte Violet by Ebalay. I love 2 things about this so much - 1. It's a very heavy glass. 2. It's shaped like the new CND bottle, rounded in the front, and flat in the back. Textured top for easy opening. This polish retails for $6.92 on the KKCenterHk website.

This manicure shows a basecoat, 2 coats of Ebalay Matte Violet and no top coat.

The color is straight matte creme, no shimmer. Dries to a standard matte finish.

I loved this polish SOOO much. Soon I plan to try it with stamping and see if it works out.

The Matte polish line that KKCenterHK carries has a nice array of colors all at a very reasonable price for Matte Polishes. You can find the entire line of Matte Polishes from Ebalay right HERE. And if you use code GNARLYGNAILS at checkout you will receive 10% OFF Your Order!

Now let's check out the Pattern portion of the mani!

ARGYLE!! Eeeeee!! One of my most favorite patterns in the worldie world.

I taped off 2 triangle sections and taped the top and bottom. Then I used Illamasqua Gamma and Catrice Take It Mint for the orange and green sections.

A black striper polish made the top black x/argyle designs

Finished it off with a coat of Jordana Quick Dry Top Coat!

Hope you enjoyed!
Now go check out some of the other pattern-makers of the day:

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  1. It's a very lovely argyle design, I love the colors you used!

  2. That is amazing. The colours are so pretty together!

  3. I really like the argyle designs. I had a period in my life when ALL my sweaters had this pattern in all different colors... LOL
    But your color combo is making this mani sooooooo beautiful!!!

    1. me too - i have SOOOO many pairs of argyle socks, vests, sweaters - i love it! thank you for the sweet comment Jin!

  4. I tried argyle and failed! How did you do it?! I really love the colors you used, very eye catching. Very cute design :)

    1. i painted the purple on, then i tape a triangle off on the top and the bottom, leaving two triangles open on each side and then i painted the green and orange in opposition of each other. peeled the tape off, then i took a black striper polish and painted on the x's. a little time consuming but pretty easy with a steady hand!

  5. I love it! I tried this once and failed! You did fantastic! :)

    1. i tried it a couple of times before it was mildly successful - so i feel your pain! thanks kirsten!

  6. I love argyle and these look really fab :)

  7. Seriously love these! the colour combo's so awesome!


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