Thursday, September 27, 2012

30/31 Day Challenge: Day 27 - Artwork

Hey Guys!
I'm just gonna say it now - I am GIDDY over these nails. They were so fun, and my favorite so far of the challenge. I even wore them for like 3 days, which hardly ever happens and got TONS of compliments on them!
The theme for today is ARTWORK - So obviously, I am inspired by Tattoo Art. Moreso because my boyfriend is an amazing painter of traditional tattoo style art so I just HAD to do something like that!

Now while the focal point of this mani was done with temporary tattoos - the base they sit on was painstakingly sponged using 6 different shades of nude, cream and various browns to get the perfect look of a sheet of parchment tattoo flash.

Then I found 5 different tattoos that were small enough to fit on my nails. I'm bummed I kinda jacked up the anchor nail by putting the actual anchor part too far off my nail, so it just looks like a chain on a rod!

Alas - this is a special mani to me for a couple of reasons. My boyfriend for one, and also the 'Mom' nail as it was just recently my moms birthday and she's no longer here, so that's always a crappy day in my house.

On the ring finger here you can really see the parchment design under the tattoos.

After adding on the temporary tattoos, I finished this mani with a coat of Butter London Matte Top Coat.

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Missy Molotov

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