30/31 Day Challenge: Day 28 - Flag

(edit)When I wrote this post, it was meant in a lighthearted manner - for the purpose of nail art.  We are all entitled to our opinion as well as our beliefs and our freedoms. I cannot help how one person may feel about a symbol or the act or history behind it. This post is merely an expression of art and nothing more. Take it as you will but it is not meant to offend.  I see this flag as nothing more than a symbol of southern (pop) culture, and that was the spirit this post was written in.  Now on with the show.


Hahaha....do not take this post the wrong way.
I know in some parts of this country, and possibly the world, this flag might seem racist, but I assure you, it's just gotten a bad rap. I thought hard about what to do for today's prompt, and I wanted to go with my standard love for the Union Jack/British Flag. Then I realized I had a really cool (looking) flag right here at home!
Granted, Georgia and the South are just my transplanted home, as I'm a west coaster for over 30 years of my life! The Georgia state flag is based on this flag.

Here is some background on this misunderstood piece of history:

The display of the Confederate flag remains a highly controversial and emotional topic, generally because of disagreement over its symbolism.
Supporters of the flag view it as a symbol of southern heritage and the independence of the distinct cultural tradition of the South from the North. Some groups use the Southern Cross as one of the symbolsassociated with their organizations, including racist groups such as the Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan,[24] whose own Nazi-inspired symbology is largely banned in modern Germany. The flag is also sometimes used by separatist organizations such as the Aryan Nations. The Aryan Nation also uses the U.S. flag as well as the Christian flag displayed in some Protestant churches.[citation needed]
The flag is also used to represent states' rights, or even citizen's resistance against the overbearing authority of a centralized federal government.[citation needed]
Some southerners claim that they see the flag as merely a symbol of southern culture without any political or racial connotation.[citation needed] An example of this would be the Bocephus Rebel Flag often sold at concerts performed by country music star Hank Williams, Jr or Kevin Fowlerheavy metal band Pantera, and southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. For some, the flag represents only a past era of southern sovereignty.[25] Some historical societies such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy also use the flag as part of their symbols. Some rockabilly fans hold the Confederate flag as their emblem as well.[26] The flag is a regular cultural meme, often appearing in association with a character intended to represent a stereotypical Southerner.[citation needed]
As a result of these varying perceptions, there have been a number of political controversies surrounding the use of the Confederate flag in Southern state flags, at sporting events, at Southern universities, and on public buildings. According to Civil War historian and native Southerner Shelby Foote, the flag traditionally represented the South's resistance to Northern political dominance; it became racially charged during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, when fighting against desegregation suddenly became the focal point of that resistance.[citation needed]
Symbols of the Confederacy remain a contentious issue across the United States and their civic placement has been debated vigorously in many Southern state legislatures since the 1990s.[citation needed]Due to its ban in some schools and universities that have viewed it as a racist symbol, display of the flag in these contexts, has been considered an exercise of free speech.[27] - WIkipedia

Now - here is my most best attempt at these Confederate Flag nails - I did this mani three times, and this was the best of the bunch!

I started off this mani with The Balms Hot Ticket Polish in Better Off Red. Then I taped out triangles and painted on NYC Pier 17. Freehanded in white lines to outline the center X with a white striper polish.

After everything was dry, I top coated and added the rhinestone stars.

It's not practical, but it makes a statement!

Now let's go check out the other flags of the world!

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  1. Disgusting. I really enjoyed most of your designs but I can not continue to follow someone who can rationalize such a repellent, painful and flat out ignorant symbol.

    1. Sorry you feel that way. While I don't openly welcome controversy on my blog, I think if you decided to unfollow my blog because you find this ignorant, you are just as ignorant for not knowing ME or what the flag represents. I'm the nicest most non-racist or ignorant person you will ever come across in your life I assure you. Look into the civil war before you judge someone based on a symbol that has had more pop culture notoriety and misrepresentation. As the Wiki information states, several groups have adopted this symbol, whether they be well-received by society or not. By the way - I don't consider myself rationalizing this symbol, I'm merely using it as a means for art - I didn't put it on my blog for any political or social reason and I don't stand up for it or comdemn others for whether or not they like it - I just happen to live in the south and it's a cultural symbol here. Like it or not.

  2. This flag isn't misunderstood. The South can't divorce the confederate flag from its history or connotations just because it's convenient and they want to use it as a symbol of Southern pride. Like it or not, this flag is a racist symbol. This is really disappointing.

    1. I'm sorry you feel disappointed - I feel disappointed that a piece of nail art would be so misinterpreted. It was posted in the spirit in which all of my blog posts are - fun.

      As a note on this blog post - I will not be addressing any more of the comments inferring I'm a racist, as I am not and I don't believe drawing some lines on my nail should insinuate that I am.
      I don't believe that if I painted the German flag on my nails that people would come out of the woodwork to presume the same things about me.
      I imagine the people who find this offensive are the same ones who don't realize/understand/like that before the swastika was adopted by Hitler it was a symbol of peace.

      This post was in no way meant to offend readers or glorify a war or a nation or a group of people, liked or disliked - it was meant for the sake of art. And with any art, some people will just not like it.

      I'm clearly not versed enough to back up an argument about the South, the Civil War or the Confederacy - but I didn't realize posting a manicure would make me have to. That's all I will say on the subject, sorry to anyone who is offended, but I do not feel I should have to justify my nail art if you can't see it for what it is and turn it into a controversy.

    2. It's cute how you think everyone is as dense and misinformed as you are. People love to throw out the 'symbol of peace' garbage but that symboln is still being used by hateful wastes of oxygen such as that recent Sikh shooter which happened not even two months ago. It's also precious how others turned it into a controversy in your dim mind. fyi, the flag of germany is much more different from the nazi flag just like the u.s. flag is different from the racist gunk on your nails but it would be too hard and too much to ask for an idiot like you to understand. a simple red white and blue polish would have sufficed but racists can't resist showing just how fucking racist they are. your lame excusing handwringing 'it's just art, i didn't MEAN anything by it' is despicable yet typical, you are a dumb racist piece of shit and the world would be better off without one more confederate flag worshipping asshole like you.

    3. It's funny how none of you come forward with a profile to show who you are but hey - its a free country and we are all entitled to our opinion - you are clearly the type of person who judges people they dont know AT ALL - and while I am not dense, racist, misinformed, lame OR an asshole, just like it is my prerogative to put on my nails something that is sold at walmart, you are entitled to be a closed-minded name caller. i do really enjoy the part where you say i cant resist showing how racist I am when I've made only the opposite statment and spent all night upset about how wrong this silly little nail art was taken. good thing some people can see it for what it was meant to be, an answer to a flag challenge, nail art, and not me coming out of the closet as a secret nazi! gasp!
      clearly YOU are entitled to your opinions, and I am not.
      enjoy your weekend!

    4. To summarize - you ARE entitled to your opinion and view on this flag, but is it fair to name call and assume my motives for posting this?

      I have already clarified this was meant for art, so for you to come on MY blog and call me a liar (which you are doing by calling me names and a racist when I am not) - is pretty immature. If you do not like this and you cannot take my reasoning for posting it, it's just one click away.

      I don't stand for judgemental people or people who feel that their opinion is the only one that matters and refuse to listen to anything any different. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, but I don't talk down to people who do like they are wrong and I am right.

      I realize the negative connotations this flag may hold for some people, but for others it holds a different meaning, and for some readers in other countries, they know nothing more about this flag than seeing it on the Dukes of Hazzard. And that is the context in which it was posted.

      I get it - people are all up in arms with me about it - point taken. You came, you saw, you got pissy and you made it known. Thank you.

  3. Posting a design with a disclaimer wiki excerpt, which in the process of explaining, admits it is controversial is not a good way to go about "not openly welcoming controversy". You know something is highly charged but go ahead with it anyway and in my opinion, that is a rationalization. Calling it "misunderstood" and "really cool" only exacerbate it. I too live in Georgia (not originally from here thank god) so I can not avoid that flag when it comes to conducting official business in government buildings where it could be displayed. However, whenever I can and do make it a point to avoid businesses and yes, people, who proudly and intentionally display/sell it in their establishment or wear it on your body. Granted I did not pay to view your blog, so it's not great loss to you nor myself to no longer subscribe to it.

    Just a word of advice, your "intention" in displaying a highly controversial symbol as "merely art" is not a magic wand that instantly removes all historical political or social meaning and context attached to said symbol. "Your intention" doesn't change facts. It doesn't instantly turn off people's brains nor make them immune to facts.

    Wikipedia is not the end all, be all of knowledge. I am quite familiar with what the Civil War is about. In fact, I have to damn near be a professional historian because there are plenty of unassuming "nice" people who just "want to show their heritage" and "southern pride" by wearing a symbol used in this nation's history to fight for their right to continue to dehumanize and base their economy on the lives of slaves.

    In my previous comment, I did not call you racist or ignorant and I was careful to not do so. I explicitly attributed the negatives adjectives to that symbol. I do not appreciate being called out of my name and ignorant because I have principles, because I see something that I do not want to continue to expose myself to, because I find that symbol, read carefully here, THE SYMBOL AND HISTORY OF THE CONFEDERATE FLAG, not you as a human being because I do not know you, to be shameful and repuslive. That reply did a great job in convincing me not following you was more than the right thing to do.

    1. I may have read too much into your comment to assume you did call me ignorant and I apologize for inferring you would be. As for calling the flag "really cool" - it was meant as a nod to what it looks like and not what it stands for, again, maybe I did not convey that as clearly as it came across. I do not know you, nor do you know me - so there is no point to call a name or assume a persons personality. In the end - peoples viewpoints will be different and stem from intellect or emotion in most cases.
      I rarely let emotion rule my opinion when it comes to the visual. I also have a sense of humor and don't find offense in a lot of the things I see and hear in the world today. No matter what your opinion is on this or other controversial issues, it doesnt erase the fact that they are in fact, a part of southern history, even pop culture and have as many positive influences as negative. i wanted to address your response by apologizing for the 'ignorant' remark but I do not wish to stir the pot more over what was meant by me as a harmless nail art post. You can infer into my intentions however you wish to.

  4. I think you did an excellent job explaining the history of this flag and whether people like it or not, it IS a part of US history. If people choose not to listen to what you have to say, or have a different perspective on it, that is their choice. Saying that your point of view is wrong does not make it true. I think this is an excellent recreation design of a piece of US history. Great job, Missy.

  5. I love your design! Where did you get the star rhinestones? They are very fun!

    1. my friend in germany sent them to me in one of our swaps! i can find out where she got them - but you might check ebay, you know they have everything! i bet maybe even born pretty or kkcenterhk would have them too in one of their rhinestone shape wheels.

  6. ooh amazing! and i really love the 3D stars!

  7. I think this is pretty! Sorry you lost followers over this :/... I don't get the sensitivity. I like it though!!

    1. I get it, I just am bothered that people only see this bad side like the confederate flag is only a symbol of the kkk or people having slaves when it is much more than that. initially when i did this manicure, I did it thinking of the dukes of hazzard and really not knowing much at all about the flag. in hindsight i'd have not posted this knowing what i know now. but the damage is done and as a form of nail art, i am keeping it up because it was not posted as a means to hate or offend, and if someone is offended and CANT see the spirit it was posted, thats their problem, not mine. This flag is ALL over the area I live in, I thought it would be something different to post, and now I see it certainly was!
      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it Jess!

  8. ive seen american flags and english flags so many that i dont really bother to look at them anymore!
    but yours is absolutely amazing and so originial with the starss!
    yours is far the best ive seen x

  9. People are such drama queens. It's freakin nail polish, not a conspiracy. Nothing you can do about people who look for a reason to be upset. :)

  10. can I just say that as a piece of nail art, I love it ? and you. xxx

  11. When I first saw this, I did a little cringe, just because I am from the south as well and I have to constantly prove to people that I am not a toothless racist living in a trailer. This is the punishment we southerners must endure for the sins of our fathers. Ok I'm getting off topic. In summary I think it's just a manicure (a good one), not an endorsement of slavery (which I know everyone here knows, but was not the only reason for the south's succession, but I digress again), and I think healthy debate enriches us all.

  12. Such an important part of our history, I hope this flag outgrows the hatred that our current society has attached to it, in future generations. Gorgeous nail art, I commend you for standing up to the abuse to show it. Love you even more.


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