Sunday, September 30, 2012

30/31 Day Challenge: Day 30 - A Tutorial

Todays prompt for the 31 Day Challenge is 'A Tutorial'
This can be to make one, to follow one or...I dunno, something with a tutorial!
I had grand ideas to recreate my Glitterfish mani today with a tutorial, alot of people had asked me for one so I really wanted to do this, since Day 1 of this Challenge.
But as is the case most of the days of MY life, this goal was not meant to see fruition.
I simply don't have a memory card large enough in my camera to film a lengthy tutorial. So I decided I would try to film one on my webcam. After an hour of creating the mani and filming it, waiting for polishes to dry, etc...I replayed it and it was just a mess.
So....long story short, today I am following someone else's tutorial.
I found this on the Dazzle Dry Facebook page a few days ago and figured I'd give it a go:

So here is my version:

For this heart chevron design, I started with a base of Catrice Steel My Soul. It s a stunning greige with  golden shimmer. Then I taped that off with reinforcement dots like in the tutorial and painted on the second color - Catrice Steel My Soul. A gorgeous taupe with blue and pink flecks. Both of the Catrice Steel polishes have a brushed metal texture - even after top coat you can still see it's texture in these photos. They were one coaters too!

Once dry, I taped my final section and painted the tips with China Glaze Midtown Magic. A reddish brown with gold and red shimmer.

Finished the manicure off with Butter London Quick Dry Topcoat.

I ADORE this color combination!

Feel free to visit the rest of the ladies participating in this challenge and see their tutorial versions:

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Missy Molotov

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