Sunday, September 9, 2012

30/31 Day Challenge: Day 9 - Rainbow

Once again, I took these when I took the Metallic Challenge nail shots, and they are a small and non-clickable quality photo. The rest will not be - oops on me!

Today is the Rainbow day - and I'm stoked on it!
Mine turned out looking more like hippie tie-dye but you still get the point that they are, indeed, very rainbow!

I did this mani using the watercolor technique I love so much. You can find my tutorial for this technique HERE.

I used 7 different polishes for this mani. 

I love how it turned out, but cleanup was a complete nightmare. I hate having to remove black or red polish from my skin!

Finished with a coat of Butter London Quick Dry Top Coat

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Missy Molotov

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